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Tennis, Alex Zverev: Sofia Thomala puts it in the series – Tennis

What a clunker kiss!

Anchor Sophia Thomala (33 years old) is on vacation in Florida (USA), and she flaunts her dream body on a dream beach in Miami. The wild man blows in the wind, the bikini sparkles in the sun—and a love letter shimmers close to her heart.

Round amulet hanging on a silver chain. Surrounded by bling bling definitely not cheap, Sofia kisses her boyfriend, a tennis player, in a round black and white photo Alexander Zverev (25) Whom she calls “Sasha”. She shows the world: you belong to me!

Zverev Kiss: Sofia Tomalla with a silver love amulet

Photo: People Image Agency

Just a few days ago, Sofia showed up with yet another piece of jewelry, wearing a gold one “F*ck dich” chain across the upper chest. But: a thing has two sides, reversible. On the other side of the sweetheart 150 euros is: “F*CK ME”.

This message should only apply to one…now she wears the two love letters together around her neck.

While the professional tennis player did her best on the court at the Miami Open, Sofia also found a sweaty job. And she posted on Instagram a photo from the car along with her 1.3 million followers, writing, “On the way to work. Working on my tan lines.”

Sunbathing – hard work, dear Sofia!

Taking her fans to the car - Sofia Thomalla steps out in a light summer outfit

Phew, this is going to be a hard day’s work. Sofia Thomalla in a summer outfit on her way to… the beach

photo: Instagram/sophiathomalla

Shortly afterwards, she appears to have arrived at her “workplace”, the beach, as seen in a second clip. Her hair is blowing in the wind and her sunglasses are sitting on her nose.

“Warnemünde vibes,” writes Simone Thomala’s daughter, 57, who begins her day job. After sunbathing for a long time on a white towel, she plunged into the water with her jewels. Are you thinking of her Sasha?

With so much support, this love will definitely not go swimming in a hurry.

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Sofia Thomala and Alexander Zverev have been flirting through life together for a year and a half

Sofia Thomala and Alexander Zverev have been flirting through life together for a year and a half

Photo: Tom Wheeler/AFP