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Telekom change affects existing customers – change as of February 2024

Telekom change affects existing customers – change as of February 2024

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Deutsche Telekom has revised its live streaming offerings and made them more user-friendly. New customers can already access the new offer.

Bonn – Deutsche Telekom is changing its live TV offering with Magenta TV. The company says that the new version will be called MagentaTV 2.0 and will work on the basis of the application. The change should make the process easier for users. However, not all customers have access to new functionality at the same time.

Telekom's change affects existing customers: previous IPTV receivers can no longer be used

Magenta TV 2.0 offers “a variety of content that is easy to use and based on the latest technology.” Explains the head of Telekom TV. The difference from the previous offering (Magenta TV) is that users are now shown a personalized home page. According to Telekom, this makes the display clearer and more user-friendly. The service can also be operated using the remote control with built-in voice control. Recently she had Telekom has excluded some providers from their Magenta TV offering.

However, there is a change for existing Telekom customers. In contrast to new customers who were able to avail the new offer since February 15, existing customers received a mail announcing the launch from February 20, it was reported. Digital TV. However, there are some indications initially that only customers without phone or internet access will be affected. According to the report, there is still no timetable for switching to online connectivity.

Regardless of the devices used, recordings, channel listings and watch lists unfortunately cannot be transferred when switching to the new MagentaTV

This may be due to the media receiver that many MagentaTV customers use to stream movies and series. Therefore, IPTV receivers should not work with the new platform The Deutsche Telekom website states that some devices are no longer compatible. “Regardless of the devices used, unfortunately recordings, channel lists and watch lists cannot be transferred when switching to the new MagentaTV,” says Telekom.

MagentaTV 2.0 compatible devices are:

  • MagentaTV One and MagentaTV Stick
  • With the MagentaTV app on your smartphone or tablet starting from iOS 15 and from Android™ 7.0, Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Samsung Internet at
  • Apple TV from 2015, i.e. Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD
  • Samsung smart TV from 2018
  • Smart TV from Android™ 7.1, for example. B. From Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Chromecast with Google TV 4K and HD
  • Fire TV Sticks from Fire OS 6
    Source: Deutsche Telekom
Telekom transitions to MagentaTV 2.0: the change starts now and also affects existing customers. (Avatar) © IMAGO/Rolf Poss

Telekom now presents MagentaTV 2.0: the service also works on PC

For example, anyone using a Fire TV with an operating system older than 6.0 or a 401, 201, 400, 200, 601 Sat media receiver and MagentaTV Box cannot use the new display. MagentaTV 2.0 cannot be used with Chromecast generations 1-3 either. However, the new show can be played via new apps on mobile devices, MagentaTV One, Magenta Stick and Apple TV. Anyone streaming on their computer can also use the demo.

This is what MagentaTV 2.0 offers users

MagentaTV brings together classic TV and streaming services on one platform. Using the MagentaTV One remote, users can search for content using voice commands. The offer also includes 100 hours of cloud storage for recording. Additionally, MagentaTV 2.0 impresses with improved picture and sound quality with UHD 4K and Dolby 5.1. In addition, with the new MagentaTV 2.0, there are more than 150 channels available, and from the MagentaTV Smart tariff onwards, more than 100 channels are available in HD.
Source: Deutsche Telekom

If you are an existing customer with a Telekom internet connection and would like to know if MagentaTV 2.0 is already available, you can do so at Provider's website Find out quickly for yourself. All you have to do is log in using your account details. All other interested parties who do not have an Internet connection yet or want to switch to Telekom from another provider can check whether the carrier is available to them and what offer is available to them by entering their address details.

By the way, anyone still watching TV via their cable connection should keep an eye on June 30, 2024. Renters can then decide for themselves whether they want to switch completely to streaming services like Magenta, Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime and Co. From then on, owners will not be able to pass connection costs through their utility bill. (six)