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System control is becoming increasingly less important

System control is becoming increasingly less important

Microsoft wants to move Windows 11 users away from the Control Panel. As of now, this will not be completely replaced, but it should have less and less exclusive functionality. The latest change is on the font page. If you want to change or download a font in the future, you will no longer be able to do so in the Control Panel. Although the option will continue to be displayed here — even after the update is integrated toward the end of the year — users will automatically be redirected to Settings when they click on it.

Windows 11 fonts are moving

Fonts aren't the first feature to be moved from Control Panel to Settings. It is clear that this will happen gradually for all important aspects until at some point, system control will play only a secondary role – a kind of redundancy for users who do not want to get used to it at all. If you want, you can change fonts now in settings. Both font pages provide the same functionality and can therefore be used equally at present.