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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Switzerland and the United States want to expand humanitarian aid to Iran

Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis said that Switzerland’s diplomatic services to the United States in Tehran were one of the topics of the bilateral meeting. Switzerland represents US interests in Iran because Washington does not have diplomatic relations with Iran. It was discussed how to expand the humanitarian corridor to support the Iranian people with food and other essential goods.

Parmelin said the United States also wants to expand its research collaboration. Prior to the Swiss decision to purchase new combat aircraft, Biden also announced the two American vehicles in the race.

Biden sparked outrage in Bern in April when he called Switzerland a tax haven and suggested that the wealthy there hide money from tax authorities with the help of Swiss banks. Switzerland immediately wrote a letter of protest stating that it was in compliance with all international tax and transparency agreements. President Parmlin whispered at the press conference that the word “heaven” was used during the exchange, but not in connection with taxes.

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