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Swimming pool construction site: Pizau tennis players get a new place – Pizau

Swimming pool construction site: Pizau tennis players get a new place – Pizau

There is a new construction pit behind the swimming pool in Pizau. Since the winter, a new workplace has been set up here for a community association.

The crane and construction site can be clearly seen from the street. The next expansion of the Aach Sports Center is being built next to the swimming pool and football field.

The first excavations began in December 2023. A new sports facility is being built for Bizau and surrounding communities.

The tennis court will be built behind the swimming pool.

The view over the football field to the construction site.

A new tennis facility is under construction

The positive building permit has been available since October 2023. After the renovation of the artificial turf field and the renewal of the lighting on the football field, the next sports are now being tackled: A new tennis facility will complete the “an der Ach” site. The first construction work took place in the winter.

The Bezauer Tennis Club will train here in the future.

Construction site behind the swimming pool.

The work has already begun.

Video: A new tennis court is being built here

Bizau currently has no tennis court

RTC Bezau will be particularly happy with the new facility. The tennis club has not had its own training court since 2022. At that time, the old tennis hall at the Post Hotel was demolished. The owner explained her decision by saying that there were no longer many tennis matches. The effort involved in running the hall far exceeds the income. The new home for tennis players is currently being built in Pizau. In the meantime, they use their space in consultation with UTC Andelsbuch.