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Surf teams in the United States and Japan train in Perfectwell for the Olympics

13.07.2021 – 21:32

American Wave Machines, Inc.

Solana Beach, California (ots / PRNewswire)

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) Surf teams from Japan and the United States have announced that they will be training for the Olympics at PerfectSwell® Shizunami (?????????? PerfectSwell®) in McKinnor, Japan. Thanks to the inventions of PerfectSwell®, athletes can train on unique waves.

Brief essentials

Area: 2,3 acres

Area of ​​the PerfectSwell® system: 2 acres

Special New Waves:

- Drainer: Zwei über 3 Sekunden lange Barrel Surfs auf derselben Welle 
- WedgePop: Der bisher größte "Air Section" 
- Highball: Der Traum eines jeden Profisurfers, der eine Vielzahl von Manövern und einen gewaltigen Finishing Move ermöglicht 
- Roundhouse: Weich in der Mitte zum Üben von traditionellen Cutbacks, anschließend rollt die Welle in ein Wedge Barrel 
- Wedge (aktualisiert): Eine langgestreckte Platte, die zu einer verbesserten Zeit im Barrel führt. 

Technological advances: Wavelength, additional waveform design parameters, key software development; Time delays result in extraordinary accuracy.

Schedule: 12-13 July training of the Japanese Olympic team, 16.-19. July training of the United States Olympic team

The power and variability of the waves of Perfectswell waves, as well as their recurrence probability, provide professional athletes with unparalleled opportunity for their training in a safe, controlled environment. In this way, official health and safety requirements can be simply ensured. During training, Perfectswell will reflect the predicted wave levels and format of competition for the Olympics. The competitions will be held at sea at Surikasaki Beach, also known as Shitashita Beach in Siba, near Tokyo. The Olympic surf competition will be held from July 25-28. This format is similar to sailing competition: Surfing has 16 days (July 25 to August 9) to run the ranking competition.

US Wave Machines Information

American Wave Machines, Inc.-Surf technology is protected by 39 patents in 11 jurisdictions. The Surpstream ® systems have a capacity of 100, while the Perfectswell ® Surp Pools are over 1 hectare and have a capacity of 1,000. Since 2007, more than 4,000,000 sessions have been enjoyed at US wave locations around the world.

Information about Shizunami Surf Stadium from Perfectswell

The Shizunami Surf Stadium in Perfectswell is built on the principles of community and community engagement. The Shizunami Surf Stadium in Perfectswell will already be developing a strong browsing experience that thrives in Shizunami.

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