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Super Runner Lyles Jokes About NBA Stars: ‘USA Isn’t The World’ – Athletics

Super Runner Lyles Jokes About NBA Stars: ‘USA Isn’t The World’ – Athletics

Speedster star Noah Lyles has angered the NBA champions. © APA / AFP / Andrei Isakovich

With plenty of World Series golds galore, runner Lyles mocks the NBA teams who also call themselves world champions. Basketball players don’t find it funny.

Sprint star Noah Lyles hasn’t gained much fame with his statements about NBA basketball champions. The groups of three-time world champions have arrived from Budapest to Manila, where the US national team is currently competing for medals at the World Championships. “That wasn’t exactly the smartest answer. We’ll allow it,” said Therese Halliburton after 109:81 against Greece.

At the World Championships in Athletics in Hungary, Lyles was amused that the NBA champions proudly call themselves the “World Champions”. “What hurts me the most is watching the NBA Finals with World Champion baseball caps on their heads. World Champion in what?” Lyles asked, laughing. “From the US? Don’t get me wrong. I like the US sometimes, but this isn’t the world.”

“Someone has to help this brother.”
NBA star Kevin Durant

The NBA stars didn’t think it was funny. Superstar player Kevin Durant, who won the NBA Cup in 2017 and 2018, responded via Instagram with the words: “Someone has to help this brother.” A clever mistake has been made.” The official Basketball World Cup is currently being held in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. The NBA champions call themselves “world champions” because they have been named the best club league in the world.