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Kiss scandal surrounding Luis Rubiales: According to media reports, the mother of the president of the Spanish Federation is on hunger strike

Kiss scandal surrounding Luis Rubiales: According to media reports, the mother of the president of the Spanish Federation is on hunger strike

The mother locked herself in church to go on hunger strike over her son’s “inhuman and bloody pursuit”, and the cousin delivered a fiery speech of defense before the assembled press: the family is fighting by all means for Luis Rubiales – and, however, his days as coach are likely to be overruled by the RFEF. for football.

The Spanish public prosecutor’s office launched a preliminary investigation against Rubiales on Monday on suspicion of “sexual assault”. In addition, the regional presidents of the Spanish Football Federation called for his resignation in the evening.

According to the official statement, Jennifer Hermoso must contact the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court of Justice “within 15 days” to “inform her of her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault” and “to file a complaint if necessary”. .

The TAD Sports Court on Monday also dealt with the kiss scandal, but has not made a decision at the moment. After an extraordinary meeting of the Spanish Football Federation, the regional chiefs said Rubiales’ behavior had “seriously damaged the image of Spanish football” and that he should resign.

FIFA suspends Rubiales temporarily

Rubiale’s mother locked herself in church with her sister in her hometown of Motril, telling Spanish news agency EFE that she would not eat until justice was done for her son. Not far from the church, graffiti protesting against Rubiales was sprayed.

His cousin, Demelza Bigar, complained that Rubiales was “lynched”. His cousin Vanessa Ruiz said emotionally: “His family suffers a lot with him. He judged him before his time. We want them to leave us alone: ​​Jenny, we want you to tell the truth.”

Rummenigge defends Rubiales

Hermoso said that, contrary to Rubiales’ statement, she “felt vulnerable and the victim of an assault, a reckless, macho act that was inappropriate and that I did not approve of.”

The Spanish government has asked the CAS to meet on Monday to decide whether to accept the case against Rubiales. “If TAD accepts the lawsuit filed by the government, we will immediately suspend the president from exercising his duties,” Sports Minister Mikel Eseta told El Pais daily. Penalties range from a fine to a 15-year ban.

The head of the Norwegian League condemned the kiss scandal in the strongest possible terms

The head of the Norwegian League, Lise Klavenis, strongly condemned the kiss scandal. “A century of misogyny once again overshadows the joy of the game, the pride of the national team and the fantastic performance on the field,” the 42-year-old wrote in a statement published by Norwegian media. The incident “highlights harmful practices that tarnish the reputation of sport and expose systemic problems.”

The Spanish players went on strike after Rubiales refused to resign, and even the national coaches, who initially praised Rubiales’ speech on Friday, turned away from the La Liga president. The world champions saw a lot of solidarity around the world, and German footballers stood with them. Apparently, only the family remains behind the Rubiales.

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