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Suella Braverman: British Home Secretary attacks immigrants

Suella Braverman: British Home Secretary attacks immigrants

Suella Braverman

British Home Secretary warns of “migrant hurricane”

Suella Braverman calls for a tough approach against immigrants. It warns of a “hurricane” coming to Great Britain.


British Home Secretary Suella Braverman is considered a hardliner.

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  • Suella Braverman is the British Home Secretary and a politician on the right wing of the Conservative Party.

  • She describes irregular migration as a “hurricane” coming to Great Britain.

  • During Braverman’s speech, party member Andrew Boff was escorted from the hall by security guards after critical comments.

the British Home Secretary Suella Braverman He once again spoke out against immigration in tough words. “The winds of change that carried my father across the world in the 20th century were only a storm compared to the hurricane heading toward us,” Braverman said Tuesday at a Conservative Party meeting in Manchester. A year ago, the militant, herself the daughter of immigrants, described the arrival of illegal immigrants as an “invasion.”

Braverman also criticized the Human Rights Act, which enshrines human rights from the European Convention on Human Rights in Great Britain. “I’m surprised they didn’t call this the Criminal Rights Act,” Braverman said — in German: “Criminal Rights Act.” She stressed that the country is entangled in a dense network of international rules that were established for a different time.

The Conservatives are trailing Labour

Conservatives from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak The Labor Party currently ranks far behind the opposition Labor Party in opinion polls. The British are expected to elect a new parliament next year. Braverman is said to have ambitions to replace Sunak as party leader in the event of election defeat. According to observers, this would push conservatives towards the right.

During Braverman’s speech, a man was escorted from the hall by security guards after he made critical comments. According to media reports, it was party member Andrew Boff. The London City Councilor told the PA news agency that Braverman’s speech made the Conservative Party appear transphobic and homophobic. The party has long championed gay rights, and the Home Secretary has destroyed that record.

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