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George Streeter (Symbolbild aus seiner aktiven Zeit) kommt zu den Stuttgart Surge. Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire/Al Golub

Stuttgart Surge: Notable newcomer to Stuttgart EFL – Sports

Georg Streiter (avatar from his active time) comes to Stuttgart. Photo: Imago Images/ZumaWire/Golube

The Stuttgart Sorge team is delighted with “NFL flair”. The notable newcomer comes from the United States. Not for the team, though.

Stuttgart – The Stuttgart Surge is pleased to be an outstanding newcomer with NFL flair. George Streeter, who used to play for the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts, will join Stuttgart’s coaching staff as the back coordinator.

“There are two reasons for coming to Stuttgart Surge. On the one hand, I want to be part of the best football league in Germany. On the other hand, I appreciate the people involved. Martin Hanselmann, Andy Mayer and Timo Funke have a lot of knowledge in football and they are great people. I hope That I can use my NFL experience to help the team achieve success,” Streeter relayed in the club’s message.

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The American has also been active in well-known franchises after his active days. As a college resident, he worked first for the Green Bay Packers and later for the Cleveland Browns. He was also active as a professional on the San Francisco 49ers team. In college, Streeter played for the Irish combat squad Notre Dame.