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Steingruber's 15th place, Sunisa Lee won the overall gold medal

Steingruber’s 15th place, Sunisa Lee won the overall gold medal

No exploits, but again a strong look: Julia Stingruber in what may be her last Olympic competition


Julia Stengruber finished 15th in the all-around final. The 27-year-old from eastern Switzerland shows a tough competition and free fall, but without brilliance.

As in the qualifiers, Julia Stengruber also showed a strong competition in the final, with which she again returned without falling. One or the other filth crept into all the machines, which is why it’s remained just below its total since Sunday with 53.366 points.

After finishing 14th and 10th in London and Rio de Janeiro, the score was now 15, meaning Steingruber did not live up to their expectations. The preparation for what was probably the last event of her career was not perfect. The rupture of muscle fibers that she suffered shortly before her European Championship title at the end of April in Basel only allowed her to train less until shortly before the matches. The last blast was missing in the jump and on the ground.

However, it won’t be known until Sunday whether the Steingruber Games will end or not. She is the first reserve soldier for the Final Jump. If Simone Biles of the United States gives up a mission early, her compatriot Michaela Skinner will rise first.

Sunisa Lee represents Bayles

Biles was the big absentee in the top-24 field at the Ariake Gymnastics Center. The 2016 Olympic champion, who was the top favorite for gold before the Games, decided not to participate due to mental issues. The 24-year-old from Texas said she didn’t want to risk hurting herself or doing something stupid.

The gymnast had already spoken of a massive burden on her shoulders after the incorrect qualification on social media. In the team final, she gave up the competition after a blackout in the Amanar jump, where she could barely avoid a fall.

After Bills, who finished the playoffs in first place, despite some mistakes, a handful of athletes had hopes of winning. Her compatriot Sonisa Lee, Bayles, secured the gold, beating Brazilian Rebecca Andrade. Bills sat in the stands and cheered for her teammates.