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Heavy thunderstorms will come again on Friday

Heavy thunderstorms will come again on Friday

While the weather is still calm today, Thursday, according to meteorologists, it will continue tomorrow, Friday, with “strong thunderstorms.”

The basics in brief

  • There will be heavy thunderstorms again on Friday, especially on the northern side of the Alps.
  • According to meteorologists from SRF, heavy rains can be expected in a short time.
  • The first of August starts getting wet, but the sky is clear in the afternoon.

Switzerland attention: Friday there Another real thunderstorm day! According to meteorologists,SRF“The first disturbance comes early in the morning from western Switzerland. Heading east.

Then there is a quieter phase with some sunny sections. But in the second half of the day, the next phase of a thunderstorm comes. And this has it all! It will be especially strong on the northern side of the Alps Thunder Storm Heavy rain is expected soon.

Saturday morning will be friendly at first, but into the afternoon and evening it will continue with more rain. But this is to be expected over all mountains. Every now and then there are sunny phases.

Saturday weather luck for the flatlands: It’s likely that Saturday will only get wet and will stay sunny longer. Maximum values ​​on Friday and Saturday: 23 to 26 degrees.

Weather: Wet first August – or not?

On the national holiday on Sunday Clouds dominate the weather. It’s humid in the morning on both sides of the Alps, but fortunately the weather calms down during the afternoon. The evening should still be dry and the sky clear. Temperatures do not rise above 20 degrees.

But before strong thunderstorms are expected on Friday, there is still at least a calm weather phase on Thursday. In the lowlands, there are still some cloudy fields at first, but they melt quickly. Aside from a few cumulus clouds, the weather is usually sunny and dry. It becomes humid and warm with maximum values ​​u200bu200bbetween 24 and 27 degrees.

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