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Slim waist and toned tummy

Slim waist and toned tummy

At first glance, it may seem a bit strange to see adults crawling on the ground on all fours. But the popular sport in the USA, crawling, trains the entire body, ensuring a strong heart, a flat stomach, and improved mobility. This is behind the exercise trend.

Crawl: How exactly does it work?

You’ll save yourself the hassle of going to the gym, won’t incur any costs, and won’t need any equipment: the popular crawling sport, which is crawlingIt saves time, money and whole body training. In a bodyweight exercise, all exercises are performed on the floor. Crawl, as the name suggests, is a type of creep. the Trend sports It has been a huge hit in the United States for a long time. But how does it all work?

  • You should always start on all fours.
  • Keep your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders.
  • Keep your spine in a neutral position.
  • Now raise your knees so that only your toes and hands are in contact with the floor.
  • Make sure your core muscles are constantly under some tension. This stabilizes your spine.
  • Your stomach tenses.
  • Now you move on all fours in a criss-cross motion, meaning your right arm and left leg move forward at the same time.
  • Try to take small steps as much as possible.
  • The knees always stay close to the floor.
  • For example, at first you can crawl 20 meters three times.
  • On your way back, you can either turn 180 degrees while crawling or reverse back to the starting point.

Your entire core muscles are challenged in an anti-rotational manner while crawling. This means that your muscles ensure that the shoulder and hip axes do not rotate and the torso does not bend. You can get more creeps Strength and stability in the heart. The spine is also relaxed and the shoulders and hips are restored in balance.

When you crawl, you pay special attention to yourself Back position And simultaneous Movement of the shoulders and arms And Legs. You can stay fit by crawling for just 20 minutes a day several times a week, writes Austrian author, physical therapist and dancer Johannes Randolph in his book Crabble! There are many variations you can try.

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10 types of crawling

Would you like to try crawling live? We will show you ten different options that you can vary between:

  1. The baby crawled
    You start on all fours. To keep your spine properly aligned, look straight ahead. The instep is on. You can crawl as much and as much as you want.
  2. Apprentice crocodile
    Your starting position is high plank. Now bring your raised and bent right leg to your right arm and bend your arms as well. Do the same movement with the left side.
  3. Gorilla sideways
    Crawling Lean on your hands and jump from right to left, keeping your legs together. Arms move to the left.
  4. Traditional bear crawl
    During this exercise, you raise your knees. Now crawl forward by putting one hand and the opposite foot forward at the same time. In the next step, bring the other hand and foot forward. Make sure to keep your back straight and always look down.
  5. Side crawl to the top of the table
    If you’re looking for a challenge, this workout is for you. Coordination is more difficult because it is done laterally. You start in a plank and move your left hand and right foot to the right at the same time. This is followed by your right hand and left leg.
  6. Circular crawl
    During the circular crawl, your hands barely move and your knees float in the air. Let your hands and feet walk in circles around your axis.
  7. The army marched
    Here you are in a forearm plank and moving forward using only your arms. Leave your legs extended on the floor.
  8. Inch creeps
    You’re on all fours. Now lift your knees off the ground. The next step is to raise your right foot in the air. Put your foot back down. Then lift your left foot off the ground.
  9. Crawl to the top of the table
    Stand on all fours and lift your knees off the ground. Then move forward onto your arms and feet. Start with your right hand and left leg. This is followed by the left hand and the right leg.
  10. Gorilla crawl
    You have to start bending. Move your hands forward at the same time. Follow both legs and jump with your feet behind your hands. Then your hands move forward again.

That’s why crawling is supposed to be so healthy

The fitness trend from the USA aims to tone the body and tone the muscles. Specialized magazines have praised this sport as the best core exercise ever. But why is it new? sports Very healthy?

Crawling mobilizes the heart and shoulders. He trains them Durability in your upper body and ensures better energy transfer into your heart. The abdominal muscles must be constantly working thus ensuring a well-trained core. It also strengthens the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders and legs.

Another advantage: when we crawl, we apply equal pressure on all parts of the body, but relax our spine. This makes the exercise ideal for anyone who does it frequently Back ache We must fight.

This trend not only makes you fit, but also smart: coordination exercises support communication between the cerebral hemispheres. Not only are you doing something good for your body, but for your mind as well. Crawling improves your posture and helps you, too Weight loss. Your joints are stabilized and your balance and mobility are trained.

Another fitness trend: running

Another trend from USA and Australia is “grinding” – A combination of crawling and running. The new exercise can be a good alternative to classic training programs. Running on hands and feet is said to burn up to 280 calories in just 15 minutes. Running is explained very simply.

When grinding, you can run to your destination as fast as you can on all fours and overcome various obstacles that way Barriers. You step forward on your hands and feet at the same time. You can sometimes move faster, sometimes slower, or move sideways or backwards a little.

Since the grinding process is mostly done outside, Protective clothing Pregnancy. To reduce injuries, gloves and a helmet are worn. When practicing this sport, it is important to take a low position and bend your legs well so that your back is relaxed.

The grinding is complete Full body workout. You can train your arms, legs and upper body simultaneously.

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