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Skull & Bones: Pirate loses its third Creative Director

Skull & Bones: Pirate loses its third Creative Director

It seems that the very long story of the supposed pirate saga Skull & Bones remains an absolute disaster. Now the third creative director has fallen victim to the whole thing and has to take off his hat.

After the success of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Skull & Bones was supposed to take on the pirate theme and deepen it with many fun options – but so far nothing has materialized. The title has suffered a massive number of problems since it was announced, and has basically been rebuilt several times and also ported in the process.

Q1 2024 is currently the release period – and that should continue to be adhered to, although again no good news about the title. Reason: In the meantime, the third creative director on top of the development team in charge had to step down and make himself available for the next challenge.

how Kotaku Reportedly, maybe the feedback on the latest beta was rather mediocre, and maybe this is also a reason for Elisabeth Belin to vacate her position as creative director? Belin has been part of the development team since 2018 but has since left Singapore, Ubisoft reports, and now works elsewhere at the company’s Paris headquarters. The whole process appears to have begun in light of a major restructuring, after Ubisoft confirmed in July that it had completely halted four game projects.

It is unknown who will replace Beilin, and it certainly remains to be seen if the current release period will remain the same this time around. Given the game’s history thus far, skepticism is certainly warranted.

Skull & Bones is scheduled to release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series

Skull & Bones – A new trailer is preparing for the upcoming beta

After a long wait, Ubisoft’s supposed pirate saga Skull & Bones will be in closed beta at the end of August.