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Ski jump: 2 winners in Lahti - Geiger loses yellow jersey

Ski jump: 2 winners in Lahti – Geiger loses yellow jersey

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The Ski Jumping World Cup 2021/22 continued today, Sunday, with the third competition in Lahti. Halvor Egner Granerud and Ryoyu Kobayashi celebrated the win by equal points, and Karl Geiger had to give up the lead in the overall standings.

Lahti – That was Sunday Third ski jump in Lahti, Finland in the program. After an exciting competition we were allowed to do so Qafzan cheering for victory. Karl Geiger showed good competition but had to take off his yellow jersey.

Halvor Aigner Grandrod and Ryoyo Kobayashi He won the second individual competition in Lahti. On Sunday, the Norwegian and Japanese tied for the top after two exciting rounds. Austrian Stefan Kraft came third.

Ski jump: Geiger can’t take second

After the first round, Karl Geiger was second Kobayashi’s strong jump but it didn’t stop It finished in fifth place.

This means that the man from Oberstdorf loses the top spot in the overall standings. Marcus Eisenbechler has shown a good competition He jumped from 13th to 8th in the second round.

Stefan Leahy (16th place) and Konstantin Schmid (19th place) He showed a solid jump, and Severin Freund (23) also scored points. Pius Paschke missed the final again.

Ski jumping in Lahti: the end result

1 – Halvor Aigner Granrod (Norway) 278.0 points
1- Ryo Kobayashi (Japan) Link
3 – Stefan Kraft (Austria) – 6.7
5 – Karl Geiger (Germany) – 12.1
8 – Markus Eisenbechler (Germany) – 16.3
16 – Stefan Leahy (Germany) – 29.6
19 – Constantin Schmid (Germany) – 32.4
23 – Severin Freund (Germany) – 38.8
37 – Pius Bachke (Germany) – 174.9

full result

In the snowboarding go with The rough air tour continues in Norway. The first competition will take place on Thursday in Lillehammer. will then return to the live bar.

Ski jump: One jumps on Sunday in the live bar

second round: Halvor Egner Granerud is now fighting for victory. 128.5m is good, but is that enough for Kobayashi? Yeah. But this is worth!!! They both win this category here.

second round: Conditions are good, but Geiger can’t jump very high. He went to 123.5 metres, finished fourth and would lose the yellow jersey today.

second round: Only four jumped in. Manuel Wittner is clearly 124 metres behind. He passed Eisenbechler for third place. His Austrian compatriot Ulrich Wohlmentioned passes the same distance. Now comes Geiger.

second round: Now it’s the yellow jersey. Can Ryoyu introduce Kobayashi? Yes it does. That’s 130.5 meters very strong, and it is clear that the Japanese are on top.

second round: Stefan Kraft made his form this weekend. The Austrian attacks fully and reaches 128 metres. This is an advertisement towards the podium.

second round: Daniel Huber of Austria remains behind Eisenbechler. Pole Dawid Kubacki goes to 126 meters and takes the lead. Now it’s time for the hot stage.

second round: Only ten players arrived. It will be an interesting ending. Karl Geiger achieves victory instantly.

second round: Eisenbechler really explodes here! Clearly 127m is the lead and he will take it further.

second round: Half of the second pass down. The entire stoch is now at the top. Marcus Eisenbechler wants to top that right away.

second round: Stefan Leahy goes for 123m and pushes himself in front of Schmid. Norwegian Forfang takes the lead.

second round: Piotr Zyla from Poland passes on the Schmid. Marius Lindvik ups the ante and takes the lead. Now there is movement.

second round: Ten of the 30 athletes are down, Schmid in front. Soon we’ll see Leyhe and Eisenbichler.

second round: Severin Freund only jumps 120.5 metres, so he’s fourth and probably loses a few places.

second round: Schmid takes the lead with 125.5 metres. As in the last few days, he showed a steady jump in every round.

second round: Continue here in Lahti. Timi Zajic of Slovenia will open, then we’ll see Konstantin Schmid as the sixth jumper.

Snowboarding today in the live broadcast: average score after the first round

1. Halvor Aigner Grandrod
2. Karl Geiger – 1.2
3. Ulrich Hassan named – 1.3
13. Marcus Eisenbechler – 12.7
17- Stephen Leahy – 15.1
23. Severin Freund – 21.2
25. Constantine Schmid – 22.3
37. Pius Paschke – 35.9

First pass: It’s very thin at the top, with only six points among the top eight players. Round two starts at 5:07 p.m.

First pass: What does Karl Geiger show us? Did he find an answer for Kobayashi? Yes, it goes beyond half a meter. The grades are good, Jaeger is in second place. Only 1.2 points are missing on Granerud.

First pass: Ryoyu Kobayashi comes back strong and goes for 125 metres. It is the fourth, but within walking distance of Granerud.

First pass: Marius Lindvik jumps only 119.5 meters and is 16 years old. His fellow Norwegian, Halvor Aigner Granrod, jumps 127 metres. Take the lead.

First pass: Marcus Eisenbechler sits at the top. It comes close to power and reaches 123 metres. That’s at the start for 10th, nearly 12 points behind Wohlmented.

First pass: Now comes the winner of Friday. Stefan Kraft reached 124 meters today. This puts him in fourth place.

First pass: The jury shortened the length of the race, so even the highest jumpers run into problems. Cene Prevc does his best, he goes to 123 metres. It’s the third.

First pass: The top ten players at the World Cup are still at the top. Also among them are Marcus Eisenbechler and Karl Geiger.

First pass: Stefan Leahy does it best and reaches 121.5 metres. He is clearly ahead of Freund, Schmid and Paschke.

First pass: Let’s look at Konstantin Schmid. He has big problems and only goes to 116.5 metres. He is his 14th and therefore close to the second round.

First pass: Manuel Wittner of Austria has confirmed his good qualification and is now second, a hair behind Fulmentioned.

First pass: 30 out of 50 athletes fell. Ulrich Wohlmented is still at the top.

First pass: Freund in the second round. That wouldn’t be enough for your bass. Constantine Schmid and Stefan Leahy are coming soon.

First pass: The next German is on top. Pius Paschke cannot move forward. The starting speed is very slow again. Only 113.5 metres, and that won’t happen in today’s final either.

First pass: So now Severin Freund comes. That’s only 120 metres. That should probably be enough for the end, but we saw it much better this weekend.

First pass: Ulrich Wohlmentioned in excellent condition. The Austrian puts 129 meters into the snow here. So he’ll jump straight out front again today.

First pass: The next Finn to take the lead, Niko Kitusaho jumps 118.5 metres. That might be enough for the final.

First pass: Finn Eetu Nousiainen takes the lead to great joy. Things are slowly improving again in Finland, as this weekend showed.

First pass: After ten out of 50 players, Pole Jacper Juroszek leads the way. He jumped 111.5 meters, more is possible.

First pass: The winds are a bit more choppy today than they have been in the past few days. So far, however, it hasn’t had much of an impact on the competition.

First pass: The first German jumper next would be Severin Freund with starting number 25. Shortly thereafter, Pius Bachke came along.

First pass: So, let’s start here. Casey Larson opened from the USA. At first we see athletes who are not going to jump into the top spots here.

Snowboarding today in the live broadcast: starting position before the jump

Before jumping: So 50 athletes start right away, and 30 athletes reach the final. Six German players are there.

Before jumping: Halvor Aigner Granrod won the playoffs ahead of Manuel Wittner and Zigga Gellar.

Before jumping: Qualifying is over, and all German beginners have successfully entered the competition. The best German was Marcus Eisenbechler in fourth place. Geiger struggled and finished 10th in the playoffs. This put him right in front of Kobayashi.

Before jumping: Hello and welcome to Lahti Ski Jump today. 4:00 pm Last three competitions here in Finland.

Snowboarding today in the live broadcast: Preliminary report on the jump

After that, six German athletes will be at the start of the race in Finland. The Focus on Karl Geigerwho still leads the World Cup overall standings in snowboarding and has been in great shape over the past few days.

Snowboarding today in the live broadcast: Kobayashi can take over the color yellow

On Saturday there was a place on the podium in the figure skating jump team, in the first individual competition on Friday Jaeger came in fifth and His lead extended slightly over Japan’s Ryo Kobayashi. The man from Oberstdorf is 12 points ahead of Kobayashi, so it is possible that the yellow jersey will change again on Sunday.

In addition to Geiger, he’s also been disguised for the past few days Marcus Eisenbechler. On Friday, missing the podium by a hair’s length, Eisenbichler was the most powerful DSV-Adler on the jump team.

Snowboarding today in the live broadcast: Leyhe and Paschke want to gain self-confidence

In addition, they introduced themselves Constantin Schmid and Severin Freund in a steady stateThey are vying for a place in the top ten.

Stephane Leahy and Pius Bachke missed the second round on Friday It was not considered for team jumping. It’s up to both of them today to gain confidence for the upcoming Raw Air Tour.

Austrian Stefan Kraft is the favorite to win, who topped the podium individually and as a team. Norwegians Halvor Aigner Granrod and Marius Lindvik, as well as Geiger, Eisenbechler and Kobayashi, should also be considered. Here is the start menu

The first round starts at 4:00 pm, and is included in the ski jump live bar.


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