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Ski Cross World Cup in Bakuriani – FIFA again on the podium – Gantenbein with falls – Sports

Ski Cross World Cup in Bakuriani – FIFA again on the podium – Gantenbein with falls – Sports

Ski Cross World Cup in Bakuriani – FIFA on the podium again – Gantenbein with a fall – Sports – SRF

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  • At the Bakuriani (GEO) Ski Cross World Cup, Alex Fiva took third place on the podium.
  • In the women's race, Talina Gantenbein reached the final, but missed out on the top three after falling.
  • In a thin field there are only 10 athletes at the start. Sistine Kozen and Saskja Lak reach the small final.

Alex Fiva once again showed his strong form and finished third on the podium at the World Cup in Bakuriani, Georgia. In the final, he was only defeated by Swedish David Moberg and German Florian Wilmsmann. For Fiva, it was his fourth podium finish of the season and the 33rd of his career. He had previously come second twice and third once.

Along with Jonas Leinherr and Ryan Regis, two other Swiss reached the semi-finals. However, they both barely stuck around. In the end, Leinherr finished sixth, his teammate two places behind. For Regis, it was the best result this winter after returning from injury, having previously missed the quarter-finals in three attempts.

Gantenbein falls into the final

Eleven players were registered for the women's event, but only 10 actually started in the quarter-finals, and Hannah Schmidt had to miss the tournament. Of the three Swiss women, all of them reached the semi-finals, but only Talina Gantenbein reached the grand final. Sestine Cozen and Saskia Luck missed it and finished fifth and sixth in the small final.

In the battle for podium positions, Gantenbein was pushed back early. In fourth place, the Swiss fell shortly before the end. Initial examinations showed that she had bruises on her leg. A start on Sunday doesn't seem out of the question right now. The win went to Marielle Thompson (CAN). She won against Brittany Phelan (Canada) and Marielle Berger Sabatelle (France).

Live broadcast on, 10 February 2024, 7:50 a.m.;

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