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Seebach is in second place thanks to the victory and an assist from Deggendorf

Seebach is in second place thanks to the victory and an assist from Deggendorf

TSV Seebach won the long-distance duel for second place in the Central Regional League in round 27. Manfred Stern's team won in Bogen (1-0). At the same time, rivals TSV Kareth-Lappersdorf (1:2 against Weiden) and FC Sturm Hauzenberg (2:3 against Deggendorf) lost points. As a result, Seebach won the relegation position ahead of Hauzenbergers by the same points.

With a win in the catch-up match against Lohe-Wildino on Monday, Christophe Beck's men can extend their lead. But the man on Thursday evening was a player in green and white: Aryan Spahiu. The 19-year-old single-handedly delivered a surprise victory for Deggendorf's team over Hausenberg.

Deggendorf-Hausenberg 3:2: Against the Staffelberger, who are yet to lose this year, the Green-White could only muster the first team. According to sporting director Andreas Schäfer, player and coach Dominik Schmüller, who was also injured, had to include three top-class youngsters in the starting lineup. But the outside player was brave in front of 150 spectators after an early penalty and held on to the next pitch. Hausenberg turned the game around in the meantime, but lacked a final score. A neglect that the people of Donaustadt knew how to exploit. Above all, Ariane Spahiu. Deggendorf's 'Zinner' shot – shortly after 1:2 – went wide to make the score 2:2 and left goalkeeper Christoph Obermüller without a chance again less than a quarter of an hour later. Naturally, Andreas Schäfer was delighted afterwards: “I think that with 39 points, we were relegated,” and he praised the team: “It was a difficult win against a very good opponent.” Yellow and red: Riyad Mammadov (D, 90+4); Goals: 1:0 Ariane Spahiu (9./HE); 1:1 Niklas Heininger (33); 1:2 Manuel Mader (51); 2:2, 3:2 Spahiu (54, 68). SR Stefan Dorfner (Falkenfels).

Bogen – Seebach 0:2: Against Rautenstädter, who were winless at home, Stern-Elf was there and deservedly took the lead. However, as playing time wore on, Bogen found his way into the game better and had one or two great chances to equalise. The guests survived this with a bit of luck and in the end did not take the trio undeservedly. Goals: 0:1 Christoph Beck (20./FE); 0:2 Patrick Reichert (90+3). Real Lukas Schwendner (Ensdorf); 150 spectators.

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150 spectators see the surprise from Spvgg Deggendorf
Seebacher somersaults in an arc

Kareth Lappersdorf – Weiden 1:1 / Goals: 0:1 Joseph Roderle (44th place); 1:1 Andreas Fochschuber (70th place); 1:2 Sled (ranked 87th). SR Alexander Schuster (Hohenau); three hundred fifty.

Saturday, 3pm: Lahm – Bad Kotzting (1:1), Regenstof – Tejernheim (3:0), Spvg Landshut – Sad-Ettmansdorf (2:4), Rohmansfelden – Oosterhofen (3:2); Free play: Lohi-Wildino; Catch-up games On Easter Monday, 3 pm: Roding – Bad Kotzting (1:1), SAD-Ettmannsdorf – Deggendorf (3:0), Tejernheim – SpVgg Landshut (0:2), Seebach – Lohe-Wildenau (1:1) , Lahm – Kareth Labersdorf (0:1), Regenstoff – Rohmansfelden (3:1).

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