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Secure SD-WAN: The foundation of network transformation

Secure SD-WAN: The foundation of network transformation

Secure SD-WAN technology enables branch offices to quickly connect to cloud-based applications ahead of time. Today, SD-WAN provides fast and secure access between the cloud as well as the cloud and data centers. A look into the past shows the rapid development of this method.

1.0 – SD-WAN

Competition in the digital marketplace has pushed companies toward application-centric business models that existing fixed WAN infrastructures can no longer keep up with. SD-WAN innovations, such as onramp cloud acceleration, application-aware routing, and fail-safe and self-healing communications, have given branches consistent and flexible access to critical business applications.

1.5 – Secure the SD-WAN network for secure access to the branch
Securing these connections was a challenge. SD-WAN connections are inherently highly responsive, and legacy security systems were not designed to dynamically adapt to rapidly evolving networks. As a result, Fortinet has led the way by integrating the company’s Secure SD-WAN solution into the network Fortigate platform It was the first provider to introduce the concept of security-oriented networking, where security and network functions are combined as a single system. The secure SD-WAN connection is connected to a LAN branch (SD Branch). FortiGate’s secure wired and wireless network access control, network switching, traffic control and branch-deployed security solutions work seamlessly with the secure SD-WAN to ensure comprehensive monitoring and protection of all devices, workflows and applications.

2.0 – Secure SD-WAN everywhere
This unified approach made Fortinet the first to seamlessly extend secure SD-WAN connectivity and controls beyond the branch. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is powered by Fortinet’s proprietary operating system Fortius It is deployable and can be deployed anywhere – from hardware to virtual machines to cloud-native solutions and containers.

3.0 – Secure SD-WAN as a platform

Today, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN does more than just meet the security and connectivity requirements between individual components of a distributed network. New features enable it to serve as a core platform, providing the network services required by today’s complex networks:
Multi-cloud SD-WAN: Establish and maintain secure, high-performance connectivity for applications running on hybrid and multi-cloud networks by integrating Fortinet Secure SD-WAN with security services from major cloud providers.
ZTNA for secure SD-WAN: Ensure secure and trusted access to critical resources by integrating ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.
SASE plus SD-WAN for field service: Ensure enterprise-level security and an enhanced user experience for all employees, regardless of their location, by combining SD-WAN and cloud-based security.
AIOps: Define, manage, and process Fortinet Secure SD-WAN connections by complementing Secure SD-WAN with FortiAIOps.

Secure SD-WAN as a secure foundation for a continuous network

Users and devices will always need fast, reliable, and secure access to important applications and resources. Whether on-premises, in the cloud, as a cloud-based service, or as part of a larger solution, secure SD-WAN will continue to securely connect users, devices, and networks to applications and resources – no matter where they are deployed.

Leverage a security-focused networking approach to improve user experience and operations at the WAN edge Fortinet Secure SD-WAN To simplify.