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Secondary gas stations: The Federal Council recommends switching from gas to oil

Federal Council recommends

Fill the oil tanks now!

Dual fuel systems, i.e. systems that can run on gas and oil, will be converted to heating oil from October 1. The Federal Council recommends this. This should help save gas. W: The residents must now fill their oil tanks.


Heating oil tanker truck. The Federal Council is recommending that owners of secondary gas stations switch to oil from October 1.

The Federal Council recommends that private households fill their oil tanks now – and not wait until it gets really cold. This is to avoid delivery jams. The state government advises companies to do the same.

They are supposed to operate their secondary gas stations, which can be gas- and oil-fuelled, using oil from October 1. Secondary gas stations mainly contain industrial gas consumers – they can switch from gas to oil to meet their energy needs.