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Scotland: Woman beaten bloody with Toblerone bar

Scotland: Woman beaten bloody with Toblerone bar


Woman beaten bloody in Toblerone coin heist

The ‘technical mastermind’ behind a burglary in a Scottish county has been found guilty. Toblerone was also used in the attack.


John Ross Rennie provided the technical information for the robbery.

Scottish Police

  • A 28-year-old man planned a robbery.

  • It was about Bitcoin.

  • A woman was attacked with Toblerone during a robbery.

On 31 October, the trial concluded at the High Court in Glasgow in which John Ross Rennie was found guilty. He’s supposed to be the mastermind, the “technical head” behind you Cryptocurrency theft As the police write. It was established that Bitcoin worth around $200,000 at the time had been transferred to a wallet he had access to. He was released on bail awaiting sentencing in Edinburgh later this month.

In March 2020, three men broke into a house in Lanarkshire and forced the owner to transfer his bitcoin to the account they later identified. One of the men was said to be armed with a machete. Another allegedly hit a woman who was present several times in the head with a custom Toblerone applicator until she bled, the BBC reported. Rene, who also used the name Dalfonso, was not present at the actual robbery.

Rennie protested his innocence and referred to a “scary” relative who forced him to deposit money into his account. The cyber authority that led the investigation describes the case as very complex, and has repeatedly witnessed new twists and turns.

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