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Schlager fans are blown away by Starnacht’s performance

Schlager fans are blown away by Starnacht’s performance

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At Starnacht am Wörthersee, Andrea Berg delighted her fans with a joint performance with her daughter-in-law Vanessa Mae. On the other hand, fans of the pop singer on social media wondered what happened to her face, she looks younger and younger!

Klagenfurt – When the greats of the schlager scene converge on Lake Wörthersee, they shouldn’t be missing either: Schlager Queen Andrea Berg (57). At Starnacht am Wörthersee, Berg performed her song “Unendlich” with her stepdaughter Vanessa May (31). Local fans celebrated the 57-year-old for her performance, but there was only one topic on social media: Andrea Berg’s wrinkle-free face.

Andrea Berg looks more youthful – and fans are surprised

“Andrea Berg had an amazing facial,” a viewer commented on the 57-year-old pop singer’s appearance on Facebook. And indeed, Andrea Berg seems to be barely aging, which surprises many of her fans.

Comparisons have been drawn on social media to Stepdaughter Vanessa Mae, who is married to Berg Ulrich’s stepson. Another Twitter user asked, “Where do you see yourself in 40 years?” , where he posted pictures of Berg and May posing together, both of whom appeared with long, loose hair and white clothes. Other Twitter users commented, “Partner’s look.”

Andrea Berg: “I no longer like myself in the mirror”

But what is the secret of the hit queen? In a previous interview with Bunte, the 57-year-old revealed that she lost ten kilos because she “didn’t like herself in the mirror anymore”. She changed her diet and exercised. Berg also spoke to Bild about her stance on plastic surgery and Botox. “I think everyone has to decide for themselves. The older you get, the more you have to focus on inner values, because at some point the paint wears off,” Berg said at the time.

performances by Vanessa Mae and Andrea Berg;  Andrea Berg smiles
At Starnacht am Wörthersee, Andrea Berg performed with Vanessa Mae. Schlager’s fans not only discussed the performance, but also Andrea Berg’s appearance – she looks younger and younger! © IMAGO / Daniel Scheringer & IMAGO / Daniel Scheringer

However, the pop singer has not confirmed to have plastic surgery done on herself. The secret to her then-youthful appearance was “fresh air and laughter”. On the other hand, Iris Klein, 56, who just ran a surgery marathon and proudly showed off her new body online, thinks differently. Sources used: Color image Twitter Facebook