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RV Gustav Rau Westbevern is also content with third place this time around

The defending champion and record winner of the Farmers’ Olympics had to settle for third place this time around. After a second place in dressage and a second place in the team freestyle, RV Gustav Rau Westbevern fell once in the show jumping final. RV Albachten took victory in the 85th Münster City Walking Standard competition, which was still third after two of the three partial tests. RFV Nienberge-Schonebeck, the 2019 winner, came in second.

Were there long faces on the Westbevern team? No, quite the opposite. “We are really happy about this,” confirmed Sabine Schulze Beckendorf, who won the individual classification with Quinie. “We are very satisfied,” said riding instructor Tanya Alvers. The rider and coach don’t want to smooth anything out, they’re just watching the turmoil the perennial winner’s team goes through. Five of the six team members saw their first performance at the traditional event in Halle Münsterland. Only Schultz Beckendorf, who was only 21 years old, was ever there.

She stayed clear in jumping in with Queenie on Saturday, as did 16-year-old Melina Meyer with Curly Sue and Alexandra Decker with Light My Fire. Another zero, and RV Gustav Rau could have taken the hiking benchmark home with them. However, Laura Wellenkötter’s twelve penalty points with Cascada As still counted. In addition, Sophia Wittkamp started with Enjoy the Magic (13 foul points) and Felicia Niederhoffer with Ratatouille (16). Alpästen had previously completed four clear runs.

“Three good clear rounds with this young team,” confirmed Alvers. “The five newcomers have presented themselves admirably here.” All participants were aware that the young horses would be tired after Thursday’s tests – ‘and then mistakes happen’, the experienced team leader was completely relaxed about the results.

Alvers also said: “It’s good for the competition when someone else wins again. We are now looking forward to the victory celebrations in Alpästen.” And of course the 86th Farmers Olympiad in 2024. Will RV Gustav Rau strike again? “Yes, absolutely,” promises Tanya Alvers. “Our riders have learned something new. They can take that with them next year.”