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Rumors say that LEGO Friends Summer 2024 sets may be present on Fortnite LEGO Island

Rumors say that LEGO Friends Summer 2024 sets may be present on Fortnite LEGO Island

One of the new official LEGO islands may give us a glimpse into the LEGO Friends set for Summer 2024, specifically for the rumored camping craze.

The new LEGO Cat Island Adventure LEGO Island game in Fortnite includes some existing sets, including 41757 Botanical Garden, 41736 Sea Rescue Center and 41734 Sea Rescue Boat, as well as some special models that don't open at the back like official LEGO sets.

Custom experience models include a cabin design that is modified in some cases but replicated in various accommodations around the island. However, there are two other buildings on the island that aren't completely closed in the back like the LEGO Friends sets. Their color scheme doesn't resemble that of LEGO Friends either.

A dock on blue slabs and a large treehouse area can be found in LEGO Cat Island Adventure, whose sizes and themes match two rumored LEGO Friends Summer 2024 sets.

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Namely, 42626 Water Sports for $69.99 and 42631 Camping Treehouse for $129.99 seem to fit these two mystery builds from LEGO Cat Island Adventure, which appear to be designed similarly to the other official sets rather than closed-back cabins.

The camp theme is also rumored to be a theme for some sets in summer 2024, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Combined with another mysterious LEGO Friends model that was discovered earlier this year, this might be our best look at a LEGO Friends summer 2024 set that isn't yet available. It should also be noted that the dock also contains equipment for a mechanic that is not required in Fortnite unless it is designed for physical play.

Take this report with caution, as these may be custom builds designed specifically for the LEGO Cat Island LEGO Island Adventure in Fortnite. However, their designs compared to the cabins suggest otherwise. Here's what's been confirmed and rumored about LEGO Friends this year.

LEGO Friends rumors and confirmed sets for 2024

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