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Rolling handbag in test – broken wheel, wet clothes – espresso checkout

Rolling handbag in test – broken wheel, wet clothes – espresso checkout


Rolling suitcases have to hold up a lot. Shows test of ten models: two failed.

Ten minutes of continuous rain: This mode, this daily scenario, mimics the impressive “rain shower” from the ipi Product Research Institute in Stuttgart. The aim of the system: to determine the water resistance of ten of the best-selling handbags in Switzerland. But how is this tested?


Water testing

Ten minutes of spraying water: This is how the water test works.

Cash collapse

They are gray t-shirts that test director Michael Fröscher carefully places in the suitcase for the test: “With the gray t-shirts, you can easily tell which areas are wet and which are dry,” he explains.

Water test results are very different. The 46 Nord, Ochsner Sport’s own brand, performed the worst. When Michael Frocher opens this bag, it becomes apparent that many of the shirts are wet, and water has seeped into almost every part of the bag. This model of the 46 Nord fails the water test.

Ochsner Sport wrote about the unsatisfactory result: “We noted the test regarding water resistance. The 46 NORD Bromley is a practical, easy-to-use and robust travel bag with an outer material to protect against dirt and moisture. If the customer is specifically looking for a waterproof travel bag, we have alternatives In our group.

This is how it was tested

Open the box
Close the box

The ipi Product Research Institutes in Stuttgart tested ten of Switzerland’s best-selling handbags on behalf of Kassenrutsch and Saldo.


  • Handling test.
  • Long-term test on a treadmill equipped with a bumpy tread. Here, bags loaded with 12.5 kilograms had to cover a distance of 75 kilometers.
  • Drop tested, which means dropping it twice on one corner of the bag evenly loaded with 8 kg.
  • Processing control (seams, fasteners, edges).
  • Test the telescopic handle by raising and lowering a “weighted” 12.5kg bag 5,000 times.
  • Test for stability
  • Test water resistance, using spray paper at a flow rate of 1 liter of water per minute, and water the can evenly for 10 minutes total.

Overall, the model from 46 Nord received a score of 4.6. The model passed the endurance test on a treadmill equipped with a bumpy tread without any problems. During the endurance test, the bag must cover a distance of 75 kilometers. long distance. “In this way, we imitate the frequent traveler who often drags his suitcase. Our goal is to use the test to push the limits of individual products. We can do it with a distance of 75 kilometres,” explains test manager Michael Fröscher.

Rolling bag on belt


Roll test

75 kilometers for a good cause: an endurance test for rolling suitcases.

Cash collapse

Two models could not survive this treadmill endurance test: the model from Manor and the “Hardcase Trolley” from Migros. In the Migros model, the roller bearing is faulty after 40 km, in the Manor model after 8 km. “This shouldn’t happen,” says Michael Frocher.

Due to the wheel defect, Manor contacted the supplier “in order to improve this point, among other things,” Manor wrote of the poor outcome, noting that “Manor offers a two-year warranty on its entire suitcase product ranging from Depending on the brand, customers can either receive a replacement bag or benefit from free repair.In principle, consumers enjoy a two-year warranty on the purchased goods.

Migros stated that the bag showed no problems during its testing: “So far we have not received a single negative comment from customers regarding the wheels.” The winner of the close test is the model from Samsonite. At 270 francs, it is the second most expensive suitcase in the test. The D’Lite model impressed with good stability and handling as well as a trouble-free endurance test on the treadmill.