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Robin Hood’s tree can be saved – ‘smaller and denser’

Robin Hood’s tree can be saved – ‘smaller and denser’

The tree was cut down

Robin Hood’s tree can be saved – ‘smaller and denser’

The illegal felling of the famous Robin Hood tree caused great panic in Great Britain. However, experts believe that new shoots can grow from the tree trunk.


Drone footage shows the felled ‘Robin Hood Tree’ at Once Broyd (Northumberland).

20 minutes

  • The sycamore maple tree known as the Robin Hood Tree was deliberately cut down.

  • The shock in Great Britain was huge.

  • But three experts agree that it is possible to save the tree.

Yet illegal Cutting down the famous Robin Hood tree In northern England, there is now a glimmer of hope for Northumbrians’ dismayed residents: according to the head of the British National Trust, the sycamore maple tree could… Maybe it was saved Become.

The expert said that new shoots can grow from the “very healthy” trunk of the sycamore tree, also called cane. In a BBC broadcast, Andrew Budd explained that if you care for the stem and encourage its growth, new shoots can sprout. That would be “one of the best possible scenarios. Then we can keep the tree,” Budd said.

Mark Feather, chairman of the Woodland Trust, said it wouldn’t happen overnight. It may take “a few years” for Great Britain’s most famous tree to develop into a young tree. “The sad truth is that a tree of this age cannot be replaced within a reasonable period of time. “It takes centuries,” Feather said.

Smaller and denser

Rob Ternent, head gardener at Alnwick Garden, is less optimistic. The tree at Sycamore Gap will grow again, but “it will not have the same shape or be as good as it was before. It will be very difficult to get the tree back to its original shape.” Ternent estimates the new tree will only be about 1.80 meters high. The gardener said it would be It also has many individual branches and will be denser.

The sycamore tree, which was located between two hills next to the ruins of Hadrian’s ancient wall, was a popular photograph. He gained international fame through a scene in the 1991 film “Robin Hood – King of Thieves” with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman.

The centuries-old tree was cut down on Thursday night. A short time later, police arrested a 16-year-old, who was later released on bail. On Friday evening, security forces arrested a second suspect. He is a man between 60 and 70 years old.

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