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Rio tests dengue vaccine » Latinpress News

Rio tests dengue vaccine » Latinpress News

By the end of this year, a dengue vaccine will be tested in a specific population in Rio de Janeiro. According to the city’s health minister, Daniel Soranz, it is a partnership between the health department, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and the ministry. It is expected that about 40,000 people will be vaccinated to check the behavior of the population vaccinated against dengue type 1, which is currently circulating in Brazil. “It is a vaccine that has been tested against dengue 2 and we really want to see how it will do with the serotype that is circulating today, dengue type 1,” the minister said in an interview. The test is intended to serve as a form of prevention during the summer months, when the number of cases tends to increase. Sorans added, “We will, of course, conduct this test before the summer so that we can verify the effectiveness of the vaccine in the coming periods.” The area in which the test will be conducted has already been determined.


As for vaccination against COVID-19, Rio will carry out another vaccination against the disease in March next year. The frequency of vaccination should be the same as that of the annual influenza vaccination. As a result, despite the effectiveness of the vaccine, the immunizing capacity decreases over time and protection must be renewed. “The Covid vaccine is given annually, just like the flu vaccine. It’s a vaccine that has a very similar genetic process, it protects a lot, but that protection decreases over time. If we don’t realize that protection doesn’t last forever, we will see more cases of coronavirus in the city. The Ministry of Health has already recommended that we vaccinate with the COVID-19 vaccine every year, and the recommendation is that anyone who has not yet had the bivalent vaccine should go to a health center to get vaccinated and to protect themselves.

According to the minister, this stage will begin next March. “It will be in March every year. The idea is that we vaccinate against Covid, along with the bivalent vaccine.” He appealed to people who are still behind on Covid vaccination as 60,000 doses of vaccine expire at the General Secretariat this week. “It’s very important that carioca don’t let their vaccinations expire. Go to a health center so we can keep the city as COVID-19-free as we are today.”

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