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Ride 5: The latest version of the realistic motorcycle simulator is here!

Ride 5: The latest version of the realistic motorcycle simulator is here!

Jump on your hot stoves and let the tires glow! Ride 5 is here and takes you straight to virtual biker paradise.

For over 20 years, developer Milestone has been a constant when it comes to racing games and especially motorcycle simulators. Now comes the latest installment in the Ride series, which offers you not only the most immersive and realistic ride you’ve ever experienced, but also a brand new career mode.

Prove yourself in exciting races against 10 rivals with their own personalities and backstories, while a narrator accompanies you and comments on every step of your career. Throughout the story, you can show off your taillights from behind in over 200 playable AI competition events.

Thanks to riding aids such as auxiliary brakes, cornering, automatic steering and throttle, even beginners can stay on the track with both tires and maintain control of their bike in every situation.

And if the virtual opponents are no longer enough for you, bring your friends and relax together on the couch and enjoy the split-screen mode, which has returned to the game for the first time since Ride 2. There is also a lot to offer online, because thanks to the cross-play feature, all console players can compete against each other, regardless of whether you’re playing on Playstation or Xbox. With the PC version, it doesn’t matter whether you bought the game via Steam or Epic, here too you all end up in the lobby together.

With you on the right track! Ride 5 is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Ride 5 – Explanation of the gameplay of the motorcycle racing game

The new trailer for motorcycle racing game Ride 5 shows you a number of gameplay features, including an overhaul of the career mode.