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Rating of small towns for short holidays in Germany – first place in Upper Bavaria

Rating of small towns for short holidays in Germany – first place in Upper Bavaria

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For a day trip and a short break, there should be no better small town than Burghausen. This is the result of the new ranking of the cheapest and most livable travel destinations in Germany.

Burghausen – For many, summer is the holiday season. However, if time or budget does not allow for a long trip, a short trip to Germany is also an option. The platform is online Sappho We have created a rating of the cheapest and most livable small towns in the Federal Republic for holidays. A small Bavarian city tops the list.

Burghausen took first place in the ranking. © IMAGO/imageBROKER/Gerhard Nixdorf

Cheap parking spaces and the tallest castle secure the top spot: Burghausen is at the top of the ranking

Burghausen ranks among the cheapest small towns most livable for a short or day trip. For the ranking, the platform compared several aspects. This was the number of free or cheap attractions, accommodation under €100 per night, and the daily rate of parking fees. He also looked at himself Sappho Displays the number of Instagram posts that have the respective small town as a hashtag.

Small Town Holidays: From Burghausen to Schrobenhausen

  • 1st place: Burghausen (Altötting district)
  • Second place: Schoenefeld
  • Third place: Montabour
  • Fourth place: Holzkirchen (Miesbach region)
  • Fifth place: Waldorf
  • 6th place: Gilching (District of Starnberg)
  • Seventh place: Konzelsau
  • Eighth place: Grunwald (Munich region)
  • 9th place: Ismaning (Munich region)
  • 10th place: Schrobenhausen (Neuburg-Schrobenhausen region)

According to the online platform, Burghausen offers just two places to stay for less than €100 per night. When it comes to cheap or free attractions, Burghausen is about quality, not quantity. Perhaps the most famous sight in the small town in Upper Bavaria is Burghausen Castle. The small town in the Altötting region is home to the tallest castle in the world at 1,051 metres.

More than 114,000 posts were posted on Instagram under the hashtag Burghausen. Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate has the second most posts on Instagram with around 74,000 posts. The online platform also confirmed that parking spaces in Burghausen are completely free, securing first place for the small town. And in May, another award went to a site in Upper Bavaria. Eichstätt has been voted Germany’s most family-friendly small town.

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Schönefeld in Brandenburg ranks second in the ranking of small towns. Featured on the list are 93 inexpensive small-town attractions. Montabaur completed the podium in Rhineland-Palatinate in third place. The place impresses in the ranking above all due to the large number of Instagram posts with the corresponding hashtag.

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