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Queen Elizabeth II: This is the reason for the jubilee appearances rush

Several cancellations in the jubilee of the throne

That’s why the Queen skipped the offers

Queen Elizabeth II did not attend some of the events of her seventieth jubilee. A royal expert now revealed the reason.

Publication date: 09:45 am


Updated: 1:22 PM

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II (96) intentionally canceled her appearances so that she could attend dates that were really important to her during her platinum anniversary celebrations. The British monarch has been suffering from health problems in recent months and for this reason, among other things, he did not appear at the traditional Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

These are the highlights of the four-day celebrations

The Queen’s Seventieth Jubilee: These are the highlights of the four-day celebrations(01:58)

Royal expert Jonathan Sacredotti reveals more about the Queen’s decision to scale back public appointments in an interview with Us Weekly. “She tried really hard to stay strong. I think it’s quite understandable that she saved her energy as much as possible for all the events she really wanted to attend, if she could,” he explains. The British monarch did not want to bother herself with an unnecessarily large number of appearances.