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Proper ventilation in the summer heat: do you open or close the window?

Proper ventilation in the summer heat: do you open or close the window?

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from: Janine Naberka

Do you die from the heat of the house in the summer and therefore prefer to leave the windows closed during the day? It’s not a good idea.

In order for the temperature in your apartment or house to be bearable even in summer, you need to properly ventilate it. But exactly what does that mean? Find out below when you should open the window, how often and for how long – and whether you’d prefer to keep it fully closed throughout the day.

Summer heat escape: How to properly ventilate your home

In general, it is important to ventilate all four walls well, just as in winter. On the one hand, of course, to let in fresh air – on the other hand, to avoid mold growth. In the summer, that means: Ventilate for at least 30 minutes three to four times a day.

Air exchange should also take place regularly in hot weather. © Paul von Stroheim / Imago

Especially in the morning, when it’s still nice and cool outside, you have to open all the windows to ensure a nice influx of fresh air. It is also cooler outside than inside in the evening or at night and the windows should be opened. But during the day, the windows should be darkened with roller blinds, blinds, and the like.

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Good Ventilation: Shouldn’t you even have the windows open during the day in the summer?

When it is very hot, windows should also be opened briefly during the day to ventilate the room without completely removing the blackout. Opposite windows or doors create a draft. If you put a fan in front of the open window, fresh air will be better distributed in the room.

Don’t Just Ventilate Properly: Tips on How to Cool Off on Hot Days

In the summer heat, do not forget to drink enough fluids. A cold shower is just as good as delicious soft drinks such as homemade elderberry syrup or watermelon soda based on a recipe from Stiftung Warentest. In addition, scents can help influence perception, so that one at least has the impression of being cooler:

  • citrus fruits
  • menthol
  • lavender
  • tea tree oil

On the one hand, light blue curtains and curtains make the room seem lighter and cooler, and on the other hand, light-colored materials reflect the sun’s rays better than dark ones.