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Prince Louis and Queen Consort Camilla: A body language expert reveals the unbelievable

Queen Camilla Camilla: nervous as Charles leaves her behind

James revealed to The Mirror that Camila In her first Christmas appearance as the King’s Wife “inappropriate” seem.

Camila’s body language indicates that she is tense and nervous in public,

According to the expert.

indeed Of all people, little Louis You are supposed to have a sensor for that impasse His mother then entered the scene. James explains the situation as follows:

As the royals exited the chapel, Charles seemed to be in high spirits, gesturing and laughing with the clergy, but he left Camilla behind.

Body language expert: “Prince Louis wants to help Camilla relax”

One The unpleasant situation for a 75-year-old is already exhaustingwho tried to put herself next to her husband. However, again “Tense on the inside” And the “inappropriate” seem.

The way Louis turned away from his parents to join Camilla and chat with her indicates his desire to cheer her up and help her relax,

Judy James sure.