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Prince Harry misses his family more than ever

Prince Harry misses his family more than ever

In 2020, Prince Harry (38 years old) and his wife Meghan Markle (42 years old) decided to step down from their royal duties. They left the royal family and moved to sunny California. There they reside in a villa in Montecito.

Despite his decision to move to the US, the Duke of Sussex appears to be feeling homesick after all. He usually treated himself to a summer holiday in Norfolk, Sandringham. According to a royal expert, Harry may be a little grieving about what he has lost in England.

Author and expert Katie Nicholl tells Closer how Harry is feeling this summer. “I think Harry misses his family more than ever. Not being able to go back to Norfolk for the summer must have been tough for him,” says Nicol.

She adds, “He hoped his sons would develop a special relationship with their cousins. As he did with Princess Beatrice and Eugenie at the time.” Summer in Norfolk was always a special experience for the cousins.

Harry’s life now looks “completely different”. He and his wife, Megan, had to go through some hurdles. Some of them have been kicked out of Spotify or snubbed at the Emmys. But now the two have a new Netflix project on the horizon, so things seem to be on the up…