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Prince Albert of Monaco: Desert Head Injury!

After Charlene, her husband Prince Albert also suffers. There was a scratch on the king’s head.

Summarize the essentials

  • Princess Charlene must endure without her husband Prince Albert.
  • After Charlene fell ill, Albert followed her.
  • Recent pictures show the Royal with a wild scratch on its forehead.

Princess Charlene van Monaco, 43, has been in South Africa since spring. After a severe infection, Royal Beauty had to undergo several operations and was not yet allowed to fly home.

Now there are also shocking news from Monaco. Her husband, Prince Albert, 63, appears to have suffered a head injury. In one Instagram-Video Prince talks to his people about the new plan of the Red Cross.

But his charitable commitment suddenly fades into the background. A several centimeter red scratch on his forehead attracts attention.

Prince Albert wanted to dust the scratches

At a show on the same subject a few days ago, he tried to cover up his injury. Apparently they wanted to cover his scratch with powder.

But in vain – according to media reports, the red of his wound should flash.

But not only that: Prince Albert is also said to have appeared without a razor. This is not only a novelty, but also a violation of state ethics. Is he freeing himself because his Charlene is still in South Africa?

Palace has not yet commented on the injury and the growth of the beard.

Have you ever been to Monaco?

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