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Premier League teams at a glance: Part 1 – Ryder and Jashare still around – FCSG chemistry disturbed?  – Sports

Premier League teams at a glance: Part 1 – Ryder and Jashare still around – FCSG chemistry disturbed? – Sports


The Premier League will resume play this weekend. Take a closer look at the top 6 of last season.


How long will they wear the shirts of their home clubs?

Fabian Rieder and Ardon Jachari are likely to leave YP and Lucerne respectively.

Keystone / Peter Clonzer

  • YB (last season placement: 1st)

Coach Rafael Wiki got the double in his first season with the Bernese. This raises expectations. Unlike last season, YB should be able to handle the European load again. The team looks ready for it. Lukasz Lakomy has already laid out terms for a possible departure for Fabian Rieder. In friendly matches, the Pole proved to be dangerous.

René Wheeler did not come to manage the legacy of Alan Geiger. The new coach in Geneva has ambitions. Defending the runner-up spot from last season can be tough. But Servette wants to build on its glorious past and re-establish itself at the top of the league. A good start to the season will be important: right after the opening match in the Premier League against JC, the first leg of the second qualifying round of the Champions League against Genk is coming.

Unlike the competitor from Geneva, Lugano relies on consistency on the training site. Mattia Crossi-Torti has a squad that hasn’t changed much compared to last season – with the likely departures of defenders Fabio D’Abrella and Ousmane Doumbia. Partner club Chicago Fire is guaranteed a guaranteed income from the European Cup. It’s not ideal to have to transfer to Zurich for the European games at home and therefore have to put up with extra hardships.

Like Rieder at YB, Ardon Jashari is still with Lucerne – but maybe not for long, FC Basel really wants a Nati player. Even if the captain should disembark, the FCL can be expected again. With Teddy Oko and Kevin Spadanoda, the central Swiss made two promising transfers. In addition, the wild youngsters, who have already proven their suitability for the Premier League, such as new goalkeeper Pascal Lauritz, have demonstrated their suitability for the Premier League. Under the leadership of coach Mario Frick, talents can develop peacefully.

For Basel, the new season begins more or less as the old season ends – with English weeks. Not an easy starting point for “Bebbi”, who are still in the identification phase after several important departures. The collective group around new coach Timo Schultz will have to come to the rescue immediately. Much is expected of new French striker Tierno Barry, but he has big shoes to fill: Zaki Amdoni will be difficult to replace.

Is the house serpentine grace in St. Gallen? the St. Gallen daily newspaper There have been reports of air disturbances between coach Peter Zeidler and captain Lukas Gurtler in preparation for the new season. The two denied a break, and the question still posed: Have the thoughts of the longest-serving Premier League coach ever faded among the players? The rehearsal before the start against Basel does not indicate that: there was a 6-1 win over Villarreal, with the returning Betim Fazleji playing strong.