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Premier League agreement: Mancity gambles away from Haaland – Newcastle miss second place

Manchester City 1-1 Everton (1-0)

year-end errors. Manchester City drew 1-1 against relegation favorite Everton on the last day of the year and surprisingly lost very important points in the championship race against Frank Lampard’s Liverpool team. Leaders Arsenal now have a chance to clear second-placed Manchester United by seven points against Brighton & Hove Albion in the evening. It’s off to a promising start.


Erling Haaland’s opening goal (24) was a pretty typical goal for the Nationals this season. With quick short passes, the ball enters the penalty area. There, Riyad Mahrez lets his opponent out Haalen and runs through the penalty kick, with Haaland turning it almost 1-0 while falling into the backhand movement. But anyone who thought Haaland’s two-and-three goals would follow as usual and that the home team would play with their boots going in the back, learned a lesson. Despite their superiority and control of the match, City failed to add the second goal. The result: Everton equalized with a lucky punch (64th). Demare Gray, who played ten Bundesliga matches for Bayer Leverkusen in 2021, grabbed the ball in the corner of the penalty area and quietly and sensationally volleyed it into the far corner – a dream goal!

It took the hosts about ten minutes to recover from the shock of the equaliser. In the final quarter of the hour the attacking efforts became more determined again, but final consistency and luck were lacking, so despite a massive extra time of over twelve minutes, no more goals could have been achieved.

Newcastle United 0-0 Leeds United (0-0)

Newcastle United missed the opportunity to start the new year as runners-up in the Premier League. After a goalless tie, the ‘Magpies’ finished 2022 in third place nonetheless and remain the surprising team of the season. With one game more to play than the competition, Newcastle are fully involved in the Champions League race with 34 points. The hosts tried everything against cellar kid Leeds United, but torrential rain and a very wet spot made team play difficult if not impossible. Instead of goals, the match was marked by play and interruptions.


The other results are from Saturday afternoon

Bournemouth 0-2 Crystal Palace (0-2)

Fulham 2-1 Southampton (1-0)