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Political pressure against documentary condemned in Peru – Brenza Latin

In commercial cinemas, the slanders for postponing ‘Revolution and Earth’, which was a huge success by the state television station, were triggered by the claims of former neoliberal minister Point Pedro Catiano and a related columnist.

Both hinted that showing the film next Sunday, a week before the election, would favor left-wing options, with candidate Verinica Mendoza appearing first in the polls.

The film shows the intense exploitation of farmers by the government of General Juan Velasco Alvarado before the 1969 agrarian reform, a process that was ignored or demonized by the media and neo-liberal politicians.

‘If this is an award-winning documentary, why go to the trick of a few men who are bent on denying history. There are more reasons to look at it and spread it, ”said Anah Durand, an educator and leader of the Progressive Alliance, Jundos Bor El Pere (JP).

Analyst Juan de la Bouvende joked that the virtual veto was the most effective advertising strategy for filmmakers, and that the show on TV in Peru was postponed until April 16.

Former Member of Parliament Marisa Clove criticized those who pressed for the postponement, calling themselves liberals but pointing out that they “qualify as conservatives.”

If these liberal characters are in Spain, they will ask that the documentary about Federico Garcia Lorca, shot by Hispanic fascists, not be shown, Clave said.

Playwright Eduardo Adriansson derided the pressure from ‘forces unable to talk about the history of Peru’ and warned that ‘if they hate talking about Velasco (Alvarado) before election day, they will fail’. .

According to the documentary production team, ‘Ours is a political film that is real (albeit non-discriminatory). If anyone is embarrassed to talk about racism and exploitation, know that everyone is already aware of it.

The director of the documentary, Gonzalo Penavent, stressed that “how dangerous it is for some people to see a film about our past and the historical struggles for citizenship.”

On the Twitter network, the reaction of the neo-liberals against the ‘revolution and the earth’ was likened to their silence in the face of a millionaire television campaign, which for months praised the new liberalism and attacked positions against the model.

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