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Poland was concerned about the Wagner exercise in Belarus

Poland was concerned about the Wagner exercise in Belarus

Since Yevgeny Prigozhin attempted a coup, his Wagner mercenaries have been present in Belarus. There they help educate and train the army. The exercises are taking place in the immediate vicinity of the border with Poland. This raises concerns and concerns in the countries of the European Union and NATO.

In the small community of Kolpin-Ogrodniki, exercises can be heard over and over again. “Sometimes we hear the sound of helicopters, and then the windows rattle,” farmer Adam Ligor tells NTV.

The village chief, Agata Moroz, reported shots and explosions. She fears for her son who is in the army. She also worries about her disabled husband and her grandchildren. “Everyone says that something will definitely happen, everyone is afraid.”

In the event of an attack, Vladimir Putin would probably be behind it, but the Kremlin chief would be out of danger: Wagner’s boss would play the role of a non-state actor from Belarus, and there are hardly any contacts with Russia, according to the critic.

Ponomarev considers it possible that Putin and Prigozhin will continue to work together: “The coup was directed against the military leadership, not against Putin.” The head of the Kremlin knew that Prigozhin would not oppose him. Buonomario sees the meeting so soon after the rebellion as evidence that the two men still trust each other.

This, in turn, caused red faces in Moscow: Putin attacked Poland in a televised meeting of the National Security Council. He sees the deployment of troops as a provocation and suspects that Poland is planning an attack on Belarus.

Then he warned that any aggression against Belarus would be seen as aggression against Russia. One can interact with it by all available means.