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Hundreds of tourists have been evacuated from hotels

Hundreds of tourists have been evacuated from hotels

Fire on the Greek island of Rhodes: Some tourists remain calm, others evacuated. Photo:

07/22/2023, 16:3807/22/2023, 17:03

Many hotels and guesthouses were evacuated on Saturday afternoon on the southern side of Rhodes Island. A big forest fire is out of control. Hundreds of tourists had to be brought to safety in Coast Guard buses and boats.

Hotels on the Kiotari coast, about 55 kilometers south of Rhodes Town, are affected. This was reported by the state radio. “It is the most difficult fire we have to deal with,” said a spokesman for the Greek fire brigade.

Six winds blow strongly in the Rhodes region. “The smoke is so thick that it is difficult to breathe. People will be taken to the small town of Gennadi, where they will be accommodated in other hotels,” Rhodes deputy mayor Konstantinos Traraslias told Sky news channel in Athens.

Are you in Rhodes?

Are you on holiday in Rhodes and had to be evacuated from your hotel due to a forest fire? If you would like to tell us about it or send pictures, please send an email to

Firefighters once again warned of the great danger of forest fires. “We have more difficult times ahead,” a spokesman said on state television on Saturday. Fires have been brought under control in the region of Athens and the Peloponnese peninsula. But they said they flare up again and again because everything has dried up.

Meanwhile, hundreds of firefighters from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Malta have arrived in Greece to reinforce the fire brigade and fight the flames. The Greek Civil Defense announced that France, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and Jordan are participating in the firefighting work with firefighting planes and helicopters. According to meteorologists, the heat wave will continue with slight fluctuations next week. A new high is expected on Wednesday with temperatures approaching 46 degrees in southern Greece. (kma/sda/dpa)

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