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Pokémon TCG: “Paradoxrift” introduces a new mechanic in November – North Tower

Pokémon TCG: “Paradoxrift” introduces a new mechanic in November – North Tower

Although the extensionobsidian flameIt was only available for a short time and151Already in the starting blocks, The Pokémon Company Not Above lets you know early on what’s going to happen next Pokemon trading card game can be expected. This is expected in November 3 extension “ParadoxIt appears. Not surprisingly, the well-known Paradox Pokémon from the latest video games plays a central role here.

As announced at the closing ceremony of this year’s Pokémon World Championships, the collection will also introduce a new game mechanic. For example, Paradox Pokémon and some item cards belong to “past“or pattern”futureThis distinction is basically comparable to the “concentrated attack” and “flowing attack” of the Sword & Shield era. Pokemon from the past tend to have moves that are high-damage and hard to knock down. Pokemon from the future, on the other hand, are all about speed and technology. Her abilities have additional effects designed to allow clever maneuvers and ingenious strategies.

Previously not known that the new extension either Technical machines will resubmit. These are equipment cards that give your Pokémon a new attack when equipped. Otherwise, the group’s range would be slightly larger than the Obsidian Flames. This is no small feat since Paradoxrift contains cards from three Japanese expansions (Obsidian Flames, for example, are mostly premium cards from only one main expansion).

The Better Training Boxes come in two different versions, Iron Warrior and Thunder Sickle.

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As usual, the collection will appear in this country in the form of the usual trading card game products. In keeping with the past and future theme, there will once again be two Senior Coaches chests. These differ mainly only in design, the content is basically the same, except for the promo card that is included. The deck features the following special cards:


  • 13 Pokemon Ex and 7 Terra Crystal Pokemon Ex
  • 34 rare Pokemon illustrations
  • 15 Pokémon cards and boosters (rare, special art)
  • 28 super rare Pokemon-ex and Supporter cards full screen
  • 7 Ultra Rare Gold Embossed Cards

The past or the future? What is your choice?

Credit: Pokémon International press release