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Pokemon Crimson / Crimson: In the new DLC, you also become Pikachu!

Pokemon Crimson / Crimson: In the new DLC, you also become Pikachu!

Just one week before the release, Nintendo is making the mouths of all Pokemon fans water again and showing in the final trailer what awaits us at Blueberry Academy. Heat up your Pokéball throwing arm because there will be plenty to catch.

“The Indigo Blue Disc” will be released on December 14. The second part of the dual DLC “The Treasure of Zone Zero”. This time the coaches will go to Blueberry Academy as guest students.

After you help a scientist with her research in the new area of ​​Tera Dome, she will provide you with a synchro machine. Using this adorable Pokemon technique, you can slip into the skin of your little monsters, explore the world and fight without an annoying step from a trainer.

Tera Dome also ensures ideal living conditions for many legendary Pokémon. An NPC named Mr. Mumpf will offer you snacks that you can use to attract legends once you complete certain quests for him.

Blueberry missions are small side quests that you can complete alone or with friends and earn so-called Blueberry Points (BP). You can exchange them for items at the academy kiosk or cafeteria, unlock new jobs or even invite famous trainers to the academy.

>>Also available in the new DLC: The Coolest Pokemon for Beginners!<

And if you’ve already completed the Blueberry Academy Top 4 Challenge, your riding Pokémon will learn to fly.

So there will be new food for all Pokemon fans on December 14th. Blueberry Academy opens its doors.

Pokémon Crimson / Crimson – Area Zero Treasure, Part 2: Indigo Disk

With “The Indigo Blue Disc,” the second part of Pokemon DLC “The Treasure of Zone Zero” will be released on December 14.