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Paris Saint-Germain, Real and Man United - Bournemouth's trick The confrontation is now taking place around the world

Paris Saint-Germain, Real and Man United – Bournemouth’s trick The confrontation is now taking place around the world

Dominic Solanke (left) scored the first goal with a kick-off from Bournemouth.Photo:

What led to a record-breaking opening goal against Lille for Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United completely failed against Liverpool yesterday. The starting trick, which has been prevalent around the world since Bournemouth’s successful debut against Fulham, is currently being imitated by many in the world of football.

Moritz Meister

Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag must have thought not everything could go right the first time after his side’s second-half pass. What worked so perfectly this weekend with Neymar, Lionel Messi, Marco Verratti and Kylian Mbappewholly failed to convert United’s professionals in the English Premier League classic against Liverpool yesterday.

Bruno Fernandes, who was so confident on the ball, was unable to let the ball drip a short distance to Christian Eriksen. As a result, the Dane had no chance of getting the ball, so the pass, which came as a surprise, led to a loss of possession rather than a quick 2-0 lead.

But where does the bump that has been seen more and more in recent weeks come from? The main beneficiary of this clever difference was Bournemouth striker Dominic Solanke. The team showed the trick for the first time in early December 2021, tricking Fulham into a 1-1 draw.

This simple starting trick requires only four players. The player removes the face and passes the ball to his half. Then the player being passed returns the ball to the passer, who drops the ball to a third player. The third player now makes a long diagonal pass to the sixteenth, which the attacker initiated in the short time since the pass.

On the second day of the Dutch Eredivisie, Bournemouth found their first impersonator. Sparta Rotterdam used the trick to score the fastest goal in Eredivisie history. Vito van Kruij left his mark in the history books with his goal. However, the goal wasn’t enough to win, but the club’s social media team thanked them anyway Twitter Good inventors at Bournemouth.

Ireland’s oldest football club, Cliftonville FC, has taken the lead and recently succeeded in taking the “Bournemouth-style kick-off” themselves. However, the “cherry” thank you remained here.

Also the current UEFA Champions League winner Real Madrid I already tried it – even a few times. In the round of 16 second leg of the Premier League against Paris Saint-Germain “White Ballet” failed miserably to do the trick in the semi-finals against Manchester Then almost perfect. Only the final scorer’s latest finale, Vinicius Jr., left much to be desired.

More imitators are likely to come due to the current hype. But by now, even the world’s most sleepy defense chains should have heard about it.