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Paltrinieri's second European title, Wellbrock ranks third

Paltrinieri’s second European title, Wellbrock ranks third

Florian Wilbrück won his first medal in the European Championships for German swimmers for a distance of more than ten kilometers. When Gregorio won the Trinity, the Magdeburg man swam to third place.

Florian Willbrook swam over ten kilometers at the European Championships in Budapest with bronze (1:51: 42.0 hours), in the attack, the world champion had to defeat the Frenchman Marc Antoine Olivier (1:51: 41.7 hours). He went to Gregorio Platriniere from Italy (1: 51: 30.6 hours), who had won the competition more than half the distance the previous day. Oliver Clemmett and Rob Maffles finished 12th and 13th after 1: 52: 05.7 hours and 1: 52: 06.3 hours.

From the start Wilbrook swam to the front of the field and also did pioneering work for some time. At the final kilometer, Paltrinieri speeded up and turned away from his pursuers. In the end, the Italian was more than ten seconds ahead, and behind him a battle for second place broke out between Willbrook and Olivier, which decided only in favor of the French after the attack. Muffels missed the top ten in 13th place, as did Klemet, who hit the stop mat 0.6 seconds before Muffels.

Results 10 km men, m 2021

Place Noun his mom time
1 Gregorio Paltriniere ITA 1:51: 30,6
2 Marc Antoine Oliver from 1:51: 41,7
3 Florian Willbrook Gear 1:51: 42.0
12 Oliver Clemmett Gear 1:52: 05,7
13 Rob Mavels Gear 1:52: 06,3

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