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Victory at Manchester United: Liverpool keep hope at CL

Victory at Manchester United: Liverpool keep hope at CL

Liverpool kept the opportunity to participate in the highly anticipated UEFA Champions League. The “Reds” celebrated their 4-2 win away from home in the Premier League supplementary match against Manchester United on Thursday and are fifth in the standings in terms of points losing, one point ahead of fourth-placed Chelsea. United are still in second place, rivals Manchester City who have been champions since Tuesday.

The home holders advanced through Bruno Fernandes (10th), and Liverpool responded thanks to Diogo Jota (34) and Roberto Firmino (45 + 3, 47). The second goal of the “Red Devils” by Marcus Rashford (68) was not changed again, and Mohamed Salah made the decision (90).

Before the match, the Liverpool team bus was banned. Cars temporarily brake the car on its way to Old Trafford in Manchester, pictures on social media showed on Thursday. However, the team and coach Jürgen Klopp did not sit in the car, The Sun reported. The bus was only used as bait because fan protests were to be expected.

Liverpool bus traffic slowed down before the Manchester United guest appeared

Accordingly, the kickers and the coaching staff took a different route to Old Trafford with a less visible bus. This enabled the game to start according to plan. For security reasons, Manchester United reached the stadium six hours before the match began.

Regular history has fallen victim to the protests

The match was canceled on May 2 after fans took to the pitch in protest against the owners of the record-holder Manchester United. Thousands demonstrated against the angel in front of the stadium. There were also protests around the stadium on Thursday.

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