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Olympia 2020: Will Kung take the next medal in the test of time?

Olympia 2020: Will Kung take the next medal in the test of time?

The S.Double Swiss paddle with Barnaby DeLarzi and Roman Rossli Missed the coveted Olympic medal. In the final, the Swiss duo have no chance and are ranked Hit in fifth place.

DeLarzi/Rosley soon realized in the final that the dream of Olympic gold would not come true. Terrible pace later Olympic champion from France with Hugo Boucheron / Mathieu Androdias And the Dutchman Melvin Tueller / Steve Bruinck could not go with the Swiss.

It was disappointing, though, how fast DeLarzi/Rosley sped off Bronze Battle He lost on the ground to Chinese world champion Liu Zhiyu/Zhang Liang. The medal was already halfway through the race more than three seconds Out of range, to the finish the Swiss lost in fifth place within five seconds for the bronze. For Delarze/Röösli, what was referred to in the semi-finals continued.

Other teams coped better with the conditions at the Sea Forest Waterway than at Delarze/Röösli. After reaching the final, Rosley said, there is a lot to improve. Röösli / Delarze was not improving enough and was In the decision of the medal also defectTo start the race from outer lane 1.