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Nvidia is reportedly working on a new ecosystem for integrated graphics cards

Nvidia is reportedly working on a new ecosystem for integrated graphics cards

Nvidia is said to be working with partner companies on an entirely new ecosystem of SFFPCs (“small form factor computers”), which will include not only integrated graphics cards but also cases, power supplies, and accessories. The heart of the upcoming ecosystem will be “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” GPUs, for example Wccftech I've found out now. The goal is to create an SFFPC standard.

SFFPC standard for DIY components

Although a wide range of manufacturers already support the SFFPC sector in the form of DIY components, there is still no guidance on which devices fit together best, let alone a standard. But Nvidia now reportedly wants to change this with its new initiative. Wccftech has now learned that the Santa Clara company is working with its partners, including graphics card manufacturers and companies that produce cases and power supplies, to evaluate a standard that simplifies SFF construction.

Enthusiasts around the world are increasingly choosing SFF enclosures for their dream machines.

However, when using modern enthusiast GPUs, finding the best components for an SFF (“small form factor”) case can be a challenge.

Nvidia has now developed guidelines for this form factor to help gamers choose the best GeForce RTX GPU and components for their SFF chassis.

These guidelines provide the dimensions and clearances between enthusiast graphics cards and SFF cases, creating a standard for AIC and case manufacturers to make building SFF gaming PCs a great experience.

– Nvidia via Wccftech –

This initiative also opens the door to new integrated GeForce graphics cards, according to the site. Although Nvidia will not offer its own integrated versions since it is a partner program, partners can experiment with their own solutions to deliver GPUs that can be labeled as “SFF Enthusiast GeForce.” The new label should in no way be limited to ITX format graphics cards.

The affiliate program should start soon

The partner program aims to encourage companies to develop innovations around Geforce graphics cards, which can be integrated with ITX motherboards in SFFPCs and enable embedded PCs in particular. As the website indicates, this program will be officially introduced soon.