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Number 1 again: Why is this app so popular right now?

Number 1 again: Why is this app so popular right now?

If you want to buy on the cheap, you’ll be happy with the current number 1 on the App Store. But be careful, otherwise there may be a nasty surprise after ordering – many users of the “Temu” app from China are currently reporting this.

Curious: For several days, the official ChatGPT app disappeared from the first place in the app charts — instead there was a shopping app that was completely unknown before, but could suddenly be seen everywhere.

We are talking about the Temu app, which comes with the slogan “Shop Like a Billionaire”. This is a reference to the very small prices announced by its makers. The app still ranks #2 on the charts.

But seriously: headphones for two euros? Such advertising promises raise the question of whether the store is reputable or whether customers are wasting money here.

Free application

Temu Shopping App: A Chinese provider with lots of cheap goods

Temu advertises extremely low prices and free shipping.

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If you’ve also been getting constant ads for Temu lately, it’s no coincidence, as the provider is trying hard to gain traction in Europe. The platform works somewhat like a marketplace on Amazon or AliExpress — Temu doesn’t sell the products themselves, but through third-party manufacturers.

As with other Chinese shopping sites, goods are imported first, which leads to long delivery times. Although Temu says it sends all goods for free, this effect wears off if you suddenly have to pay customs duties in Germany to receive your package.

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User reviews speak for themselves

Comments like this don’t sound very credible, especially when they come in large quantities.

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on Anyway, Temu does get some negative reviews, and the 5-star reviews often have a coupon code with them. Customers who have already tried the platform report

  • Shipments have not been received
  • Poorly packaged products
  • broken goods
  • Problems with the payment process

But even deliveries that arrive are not always advertised. For example, clothing items may be delivered in a different color or plastic products may break the first time they are used.

According to these people, apparently the customer service wasn’t very helpful either, as they are not German speaking. Since Temu is not located in the European Union, you will have more difficulties in enforcing your rights as a buyer.