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CSIO Bratislava: 2nd to Austria at the EEF Nations Cup – World Equestrian |  Equestrian sport around the world

CSIO Bratislava: 2nd to Austria at the EEF Nations Cup – World Equestrian | Equestrian sport around the world

jump obstacles Big celebrations in Bratislava: Alessandra Reich (Upper Austria), Marianne Schendel (k), Katharina Romberg (5th) and Stefan Eder (Upper Austria) vaulted into second place in today’s EEF Nations Cup Series with a total of five penalty points. Eleven hundredths of a second was ultimately decisive, and the Irish team secured victory.

Austria took second place at the European Championships in Bratislava! From left to right: Marianne Schendel (centre), Alessandra Reich (Upper Austria), Katharina Romberg (5th) and Stefan Eder (Upper Austria). © Private

After bad luck with injuries and a sixth-place finish at the Fifa Nations Cup in St. Gallen last week, team principal Sabine Schrans was able to celebrate in Bratislava tonight. After two rounds of 145 cm in the European Nations Cup, there were five penalties on the leaderboard: second place behind the Irishman, who won four penalties led by Harry Allen (IRE). Annoying: One (timing) error less and the Austrian anthem would have been played at the awards ceremony. The third place went to the hosts from Slovakia, they also scored five penalties but the time was generally slower.

Today’s vision: Austria is competitive, even if big names like Max Kühner or Gerfried Puck are missing out and the champion jockeys are resting their best horses:

by Marianne Schindel (C) For example, it was the first Nations Championship since 2019 for the 17-year-old Acoustik Solo du Baloubet, and the 36-year-old Carinthia came second this year at the Stadl-Paura Grand Prix. In Bratislava, she managed to perform flawlessly in the first round, in the second round the duo hit the point blank with two knockdowns.

Heroes Knights Kathryn Romberg (fifth) And Alessandra Reich (Upper Austria) He had two children at first, an eight-year-old Westphalian Colestus Cambridge, and a nine-year-old mare Zangersheide. Her best horses Cuma and Oeli R only competed in St. Gallen and are allowed to cool off for the time being. Cathy Romberg ran to the finish eleven-hundredths of a second behind on the first lap but without crashing.

With two defeats in the sets of the first round (no result) and a very fast run in the second round, Alesi Reich and the winner of the Youth Tour in Munich made a significant contribution to the top ranking.

The quartet is completed by the finalist Stefan Eder (Upper Austria) On the four-star winner, Kontendro I’s 14-year-old son Kondaro. The two produced sensational runs with two clear runs and finished second behind Ireland.

last?! Austria is ready to host the Nations Cup in Ebreichspark
Austria is now leading with the Netherlands in the EEF series with 170 points (70 from Mannheim and 100 from Bratislava). This means that the red-white-red team is “home” in the semi-finals, namely in Ebreichsdorf (Lower Austria) from 29.6. Until July 3, 2023, you are only eligible as a home team as one of five teams in the Central District.

Ideally, the goal is to get back in second place, because: the top ten teams from all nations from four regions will fight for promotion to the top tier, the FEI Nations Cup, at the EEF Finals in Warsaw in September. Declared goal!

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