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Now it turns out: Heidi Klum had a thing with the famous Viva presenter

Now it turns out: Heidi Klum had a thing with the famous Viva presenter


Updated January 31, 2024 at 12:13 p.m

It's been a very long time ago: In the early 1990s, former Viva presenter Markus Kafka and model Heidi Klum reportedly had something together. Kafka has now revealed this in a podcast.

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She is said to have worn a green and white Adidas sports jacket and beige shorts, and hung out for a long time at a kebab shop in Bergisch Gladbach. At least that's what former Viva presenter Markus Kafka remembers Heidi Klum In the early nineties. On the From 17 podcast, the 56-year-old revealed that he was said to have been in a relationship with Klum when he was still young.

Marcus Kafka.

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In the early 1990s, this was not yet known, the kiss happened “before she became a model.” However, it was already designed. “She was 19 or so, and I was three or four years older than her,” Kafka recalls. Like Heidi Klum, he also spent a lot of time at the kebab shop, “everyone was always there.”

Markus Kafka and Heidi Klum: “Random Hugging in Bergisch Gladbach”

He also still remembers Heidi's look at that time: training jackets and shorts. “She was really the most beautiful person in the city,” Kafka continued. He added: “They were dating randomly in Bergisch Gladbach. We were all in the stormy and stressful years. She didn't have a boyfriend, and I didn't have a girlfriend.”

However, it seems the 56-year-old didn't have much imagination about it. “I think I was the only one that night who ordered the kebab without onions and without garlic. That’s what qualified me for this kiss.” At one point, many years later, he even spoke to Heidi Klum about their brief relationship, but it seems the 56-year-old never left a lasting impression. “She can’t remember it at all,” Kafka said on the podcast. “So zero.”

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Between Markus Kafka and Heidi Klum's current husband Tom Kaulitz, Klum was in a relationship with Flavio Briatore. She had a daughter, Lenny, and the 50-year-old had her three other children, Lou, Henry and Johan, with her then-husband Ciel. Markus Kafka has been married to radio presenter Babette Conradie since 2015. (Pak)

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