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ESC 2024: Twins Marcus and Martinus finish ninth for Sweden

ESC 2024: Twins Marcus and Martinus finish ninth for Sweden

Marcus and Martinus

“Unforgettable”, 2024 in Malmö (final) (9th place, 174 points, including 125 jury points)

As of: May 12, 2024 at 2:10 AM

By vote of the international jury and the public, twin brothers Markus and Martinus Gunnarsson won the 64th Melodifestiv Festival. With “Don't Forget” they ended up in ninth place at ESC 2024.

Host nation Sweden's starting place in the 2024 ESC final was set for March that year. Marcus and Martinus opened the show on May 11 from first place. There was a new procedure for all other starting places in 2024.

The electro-pop song “Unforgettable,” which the two 22-year-old Norwegians wrote with hit writers Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Joey Depp, and Linnea Depp, is about an unforgettable encounter with a femme fatale. Markus and Martinus started their careers when they were 10 years old at the Norwegian Grand Prix Melody Junior and have since made a name for themselves throughout Scandinavia. In 2022, the brothers won “The Masked Singer Sweden” and captured the hearts of the Swedish public. They are late to Melodifestival 2023 Lorraine II

video: Sweden: Marcus and Martinus – “Unforgettable” | ESC 2024 Final (3 minutes)

Defend the title of the mission

Markus and Martinus, Swedish ESC candidates 2024 © SVT/Stina Stjernkvist Photo: Stina Stjernkvist

Markus and Martinus competed for Sweden in Malmö.

As always, the fast-paced Melodifestival opened with a special tribute to last year's winner: modeled after the legendary American charity song “We Are the World”, all the finalists sang a very moving version of “Tattoo” to get the crowd excited about it. To vote for the slightly more expensive TV number for the “Radiohjälpen” fundraising campaign. TV producer Anders Westbacka set the festival's goal high at a press conference in January 2024: Swedish broadcaster SVT's goal was nothing less than to defend its title in Malmö and thus confirm Sweden as the powerhouse of the Eurovision Song Contest. But unfortunately nothing happened, and the 2024 title was secured Nemo them Switzerland.

An unexpected national victory

In fact, the national finale presented a performance showcase for the local music sector with nine former festival participants and songs by the most successful composers of the last few years (including five by Jimmy Thornfeldt, who also made the Austrian contribution this year). Kallen wrote). During the break, Swedish mock all-star line-up Bjornzon (among others) was eliminated from the competition Måns Zelmerlöw and Eric Saade) with a song in the tradition of the best boy band. Marcus and Martinus' victory in the preliminary round was not as big a surprise as the tune of their catchy song.

More information

Marcus and Martinus "Everything Eurovision".  © NDR Photo: Margarita Ilieva

3 minutes

Twins in ESC? Nothing new! But which of these pairs of twins actually existed? Do Marcus and Martinus know? 3 minutes

Sweden Photo: Britta Pedersen

Sweden is equivalent to ABA – This is perhaps the most well-known equation in the Economic and Social Council. The Scandinavian country has always carried Europe and won several times. more

Markus and Martinus at the ESC Theater in Malmö.  © EBU Photo: Alma Bengtsson

3 minutes

The double power of Sweden! The host nation is also appearing in the first semi-final for the first time: Marcus and Martinus perform “Unforgettable” live. 3 minutes

Marcus & Martinus, Swedish ESC Candidates 2024 © Janne Danielsson Photography: Janne Danielsson

3 minutes

Markus and Martinus compete for the 2024 ESC Swedish Championship with the song “Don't Forget”. Here is the official music video for the song. 3 minutes

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