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North Korea’s foreign minister has rejected US talks

“We do not consider the possibility of contact with the United States, let alone the people who lead us anywhere,” Reese said in a statement on Wednesday evening. The state media quoted the communist regime as saying that such talks would only cost “precious time.”

U.S. Special Envoy to North Korea Chung Kim returned to Pyongyang on Monday to assume leadership without any preconditions for the Seoul talks.

However, for the second time this week North Korea gave a cold shoulder to the United States. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday accused his influential sister Kim Yoo Jong of having false expectations of the United States.

Kim cited reports that US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan recently spoke about an “interesting signal” from Pyongyang. North Korea’s rulers said at a party meeting last week that their government should be prepared for “negotiations and conflict” with the United States.

According to experts at the North Korean news site “38 North” at the Stimson Center in the United States, Pyongyang has not ruled out a resumption of the talks. In contrast, Pyongyang expects more from the United States. “In other words,” meaningless “communication is not an option, but it does indicate that conversations with more meaning are still possible.”

Nuclear talks with the United States have not progressed since Kim Jong Un’s failed meeting with former US President Donald Trump in Vietnam in February 2019. Since then, North Korea has made it clear on several occasions that it will not be interested in new talks until Washington presents new plans.